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As Rental Markets Continue to Climb, New Mobile Apps From Imfuna Allow Renters to Document Property, Protect Security Deposits
Aug 03, 2011 (04:08 PM EDT)

New smartphone apps help document housing rentals, dorms and vacation homes

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. rental rates continue to increase, with vacancies declining, creating what real estate analysts are calling a "landlord's market." (1) With more than 38 million rental households today, and an expected 3 million more by 2015, (2) renters must compete to secure and keep quality housing. Today, Imfuna®, a leading documentation technology provider for the professional building and real estate industries, announced the release of its newest property documentation mobile applications, and the first specifically for consumers: Imfuna Rent Lite™ for the U.S. market and Imfuna Let Lite™ for the U.K. and European markets.



The mobile-to-web solutions enable renters, students and travelers to easily take inventory and document the current condition of rental properties, dormitories, vacation homes, and other temporary housing to avoid unnecessary landlord disputes and facilitate the return of security deposits. The apps are the first of their kind to offer a professional solution with fully automated reporting and storage for consumers renting any type of property. With their iPhone or iPad 2, users can quickly record the condition of property, anywhere, using legally-recognized standards. The applications are now available for download in the Apple Store:

U.S.– Imfuna Rent Lite:

U.K. – Imfuna Let Lite:

"I've worked with professionals in the industry for decades as a property forensic expert. The current rental market is demanding, and it puts more of a burden on renters to protect their interests," said Jax Kneppers, co-founder of Imfuna. "With our application, consumers can better retain historical data of the condition of their rentals. Whether someone has been renting for years, or they're moving into their first apartment or rental home, the right evidence can make the difference in protection from landlord disputes. Imfuna Rent Lite and Imfuna Let Lite can help level the playing field."

Using Imfuna Rent Lite and Imfuna Let Lite, individuals can quickly record the condition of property during move-in, maintenance and move-out – helping ensure their security deposit is returned. By accurately recording a rental's condition in a professional format, without specialized equipment or costly outside services, consumers can reduce the chances of dispute and increase their chances of a return of deposit.

How Imfuna Rent Lite and Imfuna Let Lite work

  • Easily create detailed, time-stamped condition reports using an iPhone or iPad 2
  • Keep records safe and easily accessible in a secure online environment via the browser-based Imfuna portal
  • Achieve fast agreement with landlords
  • Avoid disputes with legal, professional reports
  • Share records with landlords, agents, property inspectors, roommates, building managers and leasing agents with the push of a button
  • Capture enough detail with the built-in "protection score"

Using photos and notes, the app will take "snapshots" of a property's condition that are then saved in a secure online cloud and easily accessible from a computer. A rental inspection report is automatically created and formatted through the Imfuna portal.

Availability and Pricing

Imfuna Rent Lite can be downloaded for unlimited documentation/capturing for $0.99 from the Apple Store. Professionally formatted reports cost $3.99 each to produce. Imfuna Let Lite can be downloaded for 0.99 pounds sterling from the Apple Store. Each report costs 2.99 pounds sterling.

Imfuna offers several applications designed to assist various participants in the leasing process, thereby bringing clarity, transparency and fairness to tenants, landlords, leasing agents and property managers. Imfuna recently released Imfuna Rent Pro™ and Imfuna Let™ for the U.S. and U.K. professional markets, respectively.

About Imfuna

Imfuna streamlines workflows and increases productivity for the building and real estate industries through mobile-to-web applications. Imfuna's platform of applications has redefined how the commercial real estate industry inventories property via mobile devices and the Internet. The Company's platform enables users to collect data on mobile devices and store inventoried data in a secure cloud environment for future reporting, collaboration and forensic proof. Imfuna was founded in 2009 by two world-class forensic engineers. They developed a flexible technology platform to support multiple applications for collecting, storing, and sharing condition data about any physical asset. Imfuna has released product solutions in the US and UK, with more on the horizon.

(1) REIS, INC. leasing report, July 2011

(2) The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, America's Rental Housing Report; The Associated Press, 2011