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Votocracy Launches Interactive Polling, Giving All Americans A Voice on Today's Top Political Issues
Jul 29, 2011 (05:07 PM EDT)

New feature offers voting, interaction between candidates and supporters, and an easy way to share opinions on timely subjects

SEATTLE, July 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Votocracy (, the rapidly-growing social political site that has already attracted more than 400 presidential candidates since launching in June, recently added an interactive polling section for both members and presidential candidates to discuss today's top political issues and put forth new solutions to solve America's most-pressing governmental problems.  


According to one recent Votocracy poll, 67 percent of the respondents believe the debt ceiling should not be increased. As one poll participant quipped, "You do not get a new credit card to pay off your last one." Additional polls have sparked conversations around some of America's most contentious issues including partisanship (72 percent of respondents believe American politics has become too partisan and created gridlock in Washington) and whether healthcare is a right all Americans are entitled to (only 34 percent said no, it is a privilege).

"We created interactive polling to give Americans dissatisfied with 'politics as usual' a voice," said Bryan Lee, co-founder and CEO of Votocracy.  "Our polls and discussion boards offer a place where participants can easily become more involved in politics for less than two minutes a day, taking steps to be a part of the solution by voting and putting forth the best and boldest solutions for some of today's most pressing political challenges."

Every day Votocracy hosts a new interactive poll on a timely subject such as, how voters will use social media to inform their 2012 voting choices or opinions on the Cut, Cap and Balance plan. Each poll is open to all Votocracy community members looking to share their knowledge of the issues, answer the day's question and join in on the discussion on the poll wall. Ongoing participation in these daily polls further showcases a candidate's opinions on top issues and provides supporters a track-record of the candidate's voting history on previous poll topics. Additionally, Votocracy polls allow supporters to engage in political discourse at a level previously unachievable through traditional debate or town-hall sessions.

Membership to Votocracy is free, and anyone can toss their hat into the presidential race for as little as one dollar. To create a personalized candidate page and officially enter the Votocracy race, the cost is just $99, allowing anyone with political drive and a passion for change the ability to interact with millions of potential supporters and harness the reach of Facebook and Twitter with a single, easy-to-use interface.

Only official Votocracy candidates are eligible to participate in the 2012 Votocracy state primaries, which will be held in each of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Finalists in the state primaries will then compete to become America's favorite presidential candidate via a nationally-televised reality show. The top candidate will receive a Votocracy-funded campaign should they desire to continue their progression toward the White House.

To join in the presidential race, preview current candidates and get involved yourself, visit Votocracy at:

About Votocracy:

Votocracy is a social media platform that harnesses the power and reach of Facebook and Twitter while putting the fun, passion and public engagement back into politics. With the end goal of discovering America's favorite contender for the 2012 Presidency of the United States, Votocracy allows voters to "like" their favorite candidate into a series of state primaries and, eventually, onto a nationally-televised reality show. For as little as $1, any man, woman or teen of voting age can register and start their campaign with Votocracy and gain access to millions of potential supporters through social media networks, daily interactive polls, national advertising campaigns, Votocracy's online community, and through offline events. The brainchild of a speculative "well if I were President" dinner conversation among seasoned marketing and technology veterans, Votocracy aims to be the great political equalizer and return the voice of politics back to the people. Learn more or jump into the action at  

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