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SmartCube 30 KW per Rack Containerized Data Center: Made in Brazil
Jul 20, 2011 (03:07 PM EDT)

SmartCube, a Modular Data Center firm is building 30 KW per rack energy efficient containerized data centers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

RIO DE JANEIRO, July 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --  SmartCube, a modular data center company with manufacturing based in Brazil, announced on Monday that it has built, tested and is now selling the SmartCube 2030c containerized data centers at its production site in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

The SmartCube 2030c Containerized Data Center supports up to 30 KW of IT load in a rack enclosure, 150 KW of total IT load in an energy efficient environment.  

The SmartCube 2030c contains 6 rack enclosures for a total of 300 rack units, biometric access control, two independent power distribution systems, monitoring, with available fire detection and fire suppression systems.  The model includes an onboard energy efficient dual compressor chiller to support the intelligent per enclosure cooling system.  

SmartCube’s patent pending technology provides industry leading serviceability at the enclosure level. Users of the 2030c have the ability to add or remove IT equipment, add or remove full enclosures or provide maintenance to individual cooling modules without disrupting the ongoing operation of the data center.  SmartCube enclosures can be pivoted to provide complete front and rear access to the IT and Communications equipment without disconnecting the electrical or network distribution systems.  

Tom Oberlin, President of SmartCube , with prior data center executive experience at OptiGlobe, Savvis and Cubecorp, said, “We are pleased to announce that Brazil, the world’s fifth largest economy, now also has access to locally produced and serviced, high power density, energy efficient containerized data center solutions. The Company’s modular, scalable, affordable data center solutions include the free air cooled SmartCube Mini (4 racks) and SmartCentro modular data center building (60 racks) as well as the closely coupled cooling of the 2030 (6 rack) and 4030 (18 rack) containers. With PUEs as low as 1.1, SmartCube offers energy savings of up to 45%, reduced data center capital investment and faster data center setup time, ideal for Brazil’s rapidly expanding IT infrastructure demands.”

About SmartCube Ltd

SmartCube Ltd is a privately held company formed in 2009 and owned by Accelerator Technology Holdings Limited and Cubecorp, LLC.  The company has offices in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil and Reston, Virginia, USA and focuses on engineering, building and deploying modular, energy efficient, scalable data center solutions.  The company is led by industry veterans with significant experience in data center: design, construction, operation, sales and marketing; and IT manufacturing and finance.  

About Accelerator Technology Holdings

Accelerator Technology Holdings Limited (ATH) operates through a group of companies established in Bahrain and Jordan to identify, invest in and help build best of breed ventures in the ICT value chain in the Arab world. Accelerator Technology Holdings endeavors to establish Technology, Media, and Telecom space in the Middle East. The company invests in interactive web ventures, animation and content creation, mobile and financial services platform technologies, games development, media and telecoms.

Tom Oberlin
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