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INVeSHARE Appoints Harold Westervelt President
Jul 19, 2011 (05:07 PM EDT)

-- Company reaffirms commitment to strategic partnerships for enhanced proxy distribution and shareholder communications

ATLANTA, July 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- INVeSHARE Inc., a turnkey provider of shareholder communications focused on next generation delivery and processing of proxy materials, announced that Harold Westervelt has joined the company as President.  Mr. Westervelt is a seasoned executive who has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, including some of the largest financial services information companies.  Westervelt's experience is a key factor to INVeSHARE's ongoing strategic redistribution strategy.

INVeSHARE's solutions, supporting both digital proxy (e-proxy) and paper distribution, are designed to facilitate the industry's transition from a paper-based system to e-proxy voting and digital shareholder communication. Working with retail brokers and clearing firms, INVeSHARE offers a full range of shareholder communications integrated into existing broker platforms. INVeSHARE's solutions make communication among issuers, brokers, and retail shareholders simple and environmentally friendly, all via an easy-to-use, customer-friendly interface.

"Broker-Dealers want to provide their clients with better access to shareholder information and continue to promote a "green" communication strategy.  INVeSHARE has developed a white labeling strategy that will allow some of the top companies in the financial services information industry to enter the shareholder communications market," Westervelt said about the company he has recently agreed to head.  He continued, "INVeSHARE's robust platform and strategic partnership program puts the company in a unique position to drive real industry changes. The proxy world will look materially different in a few years and I am looking forward to leading the industry changes with INVeSHARE."

Prior to joining INVeSHARE, Westervelt served as a Senior Sales Executive for several financial information services firms focused on serving the Broker-Dealer industry.  He was Senior Vice President of Sales of Thomson Reuters Retail Wealth Management division and Vice President of PriceMetrix, a firm focused on the Retail Broker-Dealer market.  

"Having a President with an extensive background in the financial services industry will provide INVeSHARE with the strong leadership it needs to continue to execute on our business strategy.  Harold brings a long history of successfully working with top brokerage firms and service providers that will help to ensure our future growth," said Davidi Gilo, Founder & Chairman of Gilo Ventures and CEO of INVeSHARE. "We are very excited to have Harold join the company; we believe that the combination of his industry experience and INVeSHARE's strategic partnering program are going to revolutionize the industry."


INVeSHARE is a full-service provider of proxy delivery and shareholder communications services for Broker-Dealers, clearing firms, and corporate issuers. The company revamps the securities eco-system by empowering issuers and shareholders with easily-accessible information and tools. The innovative INVeSHARE digital platform improves communication, strengthens the relationship between issuers, brokers and their shareholders/clients while contributing to the environment by substantially reducing traditional paper overhead. For more information visit