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Bret Carr Battles Chihuahua for $40 Million
Jul 15, 2011 (03:07 PM EDT)

Carr, the Viral Video Pioneer, Uses Social Media to Get His Message Out

MIAMI, July 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Film Director Bret Carr, son of heiress Gail Posner, has fallen subject to a snub from his rightful inheritance.  Gail Posner's Chihuahua "Conchita" inherited upwards of 40 million dollars and the question remains, why the dog?  Bret, an animal lover himself, is perplexed at the issue.

What will happen with Posner's pooch? 

Finding humor in any situation is a talent not many possess.  Bret Carr, an award winning feature film maker, has found himself in a difficult position but turns to what he does best to deal with it, film making.  His iPhone video of his mother being imprisoned by bodyguards,  who wrestled Carr for the phone and barred him from her house, months before she passed, was aired by Matt Lauer June 19, 2010.

To illustrate Bret's stance on the trial against his mother's estate, he has produced a YouTube video to show the world what is going on.  In the video Bret is speaking to a social media "expert" on how to put himself and his trial on the map.  The "expert" is the true surprise in the short video that can be viewed on  

Carr 's first short film spoof, "Passion of the Heist," won him the cover of the Hollywood Reporter. He is back in form, and will be generating weekly humorous videos at his site, including updates on his pending trial.

Bret Carr will be in mediation for the trial today, July 15th, and will be live tweeting during the mediation.  He is encouraging any persons to contact him with their thoughts on the topic through his twitter handle @bretcarr. 

Carr is scheduled to appear in court on August 15th.  Will Carr be rewarded his deserved trust?  Or will Conchita, the beloved pooch, get to keep her eight million dollar estate and private jet, which required a dip into Carr's trust to maintain.

 About Bret Carr

Bret Carr has been called "the world's most passionate filmmaker." Fox News and The New York Times credit him with discovering Sandra Bullock. He is the recipient of 14 film festival awards including the Best Feature Film at The Malibu Film Festival for "LOU."  Bret also pioneered viral video having been made the Hollywood Reporter's Filmmaker of the Month in 2004. His new next feature film is based on his new novel, "MONEY & LOVE IN CHIHUAHUA LAND," available now at Amazon.  Bret's filmmaking successes have been featured on FOX, msnbc, The NYT, etc. For more information please log onto

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