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In Time for L.A.'s "Carmageddon," Website Officially Launches for Frustrated Motorists
Jul 12, 2011 (06:07 PM EDT) allows users to vent their road rage by commenting on good or bad drivers; Reaches Milestone of 75,000th Driver Rating During Beta Launch.

LOS ANGELES, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- a website that allows drivers nationwide to vent their road rage by posting license plate numbers and comments on fellow driver's skills, has officially launched. The website, which has been in beta for two months, is also announcing that it has reached its 75,000th driver rating, underscoring motorist's growing frustration during this summer's busy travel season.

The Department of Transportation states that most of the approximate six million car accidents each year are caused by irresponsible driving behavior. Millions of close calls that do not result in accidents, but rather spark intense road rage, are witnessed by drivers every day and have gone unreported until now.

" does not claim to replace the authority of local police or the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is rather an alternative means for drivers to confront bad drivers without a physical altercation resulting in violence or praise drivers that make driving an enjoyable experience," said Nick Boutelier, founder of "The incredible response we experienced during our beta launch stresses the public's desire for a destination to discuss their driving experiences, whether they are pleasant, annoying or hysterical."

To participate, users go to the website and search for a license plate. They then can read previous ratings about the driver, or can enter their own rating by checking the driver as "good driver" or "bad driver" and leave a comment about their personal experience. To further document their story, users may upload photos of bad parking jobs or videos. Safety is the number one priority of the website and users are urged not to use the site while operating a motor vehicle. The website has received over 75,000 license plate ratings since its beta launch two months ago. While nearly 70% of the ratings have been positive, many frustrated drivers have shown little restraint in expressing their disgust for their fellow motorists.

Examples of posts:

About an awful driver in California: "If your kid is an honor student, perhaps they can teach you how to drive."

About a dreadful driver in Texas: "This person drives their car likes it's a weapon."

About a naked driver in Washington: "We drove past him and I was like 'Is that guy naked??' and my roommate was like 'No, he probably has shorts on'. Nope."

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