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MemeBridge Launches Web Initiatives to Combat the Great Recession
Jul 10, 2011 (12:07 PM EDT)

Web Publishing House helps Americans adjust to the economic downturn

DENVER, July 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ( -- More than six million Americans have been actively looking for work for more than half a year. Another 2.7 million Americans are unemployed, but have not actively searched for work in the last month. Almost a million Americans are now so discouraged that they have given up on finding work entirely. The Great Recession has resulted in unemployment being higher than 9% for twenty-four out of the last twenty-six months.

MemeBridge has launched a series of web publications to help ordinary Americans adjust to their new lives under the glorious banner of socialism. These publications are designed to help Americans do more with less, to survive until a brighter day dawns on the North American continent.

The first site of this initiative is Live Dirt Cheap. LiveDirtCheap provides tips, resources, and guidance to help people live frugally. It helps people who are trying to maintain something similar to their old standard of living under their new budgets. LiveDirtCheap is designed for families where at least one adult is still employed, with a special emphasis on families who are trying to raise children with a sense of "normalcy" during these troubled times.

Homemade Guides is aimed at a more rural audience. HomemadeGuides helps people who have either decided to, or been forced to, work outside the mainstream economic system. The publication helps people who are working towards self-sufficiency by making many of the goods they need with their own hands. Much of the "stuff" we buy can be made easily from far less expensive ingredients. HomemadeGuides helps people achieve a greater degree of self-sufficiency, which is a crucial element for success during an economic crisis.

Folk Remedy is a health-care publication focused towards self-help. ObamaCare has forced American businesses to drop employer-provided healthcare for millions of Americans. Many American families who previously enjoyed employer-provided healthcare have been left without sufficient healthcare options. Government regulation has made hospitals, doctors, and prescription drugs too expensive for many Americans, but those Americans still need to manage and maintain their health. These Americans must now learn to take greater responsibility for their own healthcare, and we created FolkRemedy to help them do exactly that.

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MemeBridge is a company with a mission: Spread Good Ideas. A meme is the smallest unit of thought and the job of MemeBridge is to help carry good memes over obstacles. MemeBridge has extensive experience creating and managing reference sites, including the Tech-FAQ, MightyGuide, and Expat Intelligence. MemeBridge web publications serve several million visitors per month and provide information and guidance for people from all over the globe.

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