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UnplugReconnect to Technology Companies: Stop Addicting Us!
Jul 08, 2011 (12:07 PM EDT)

500+ Sign the Declaration of Independence from Technology

NEW YORK, July 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Unplugging and Reconnecting™ (U&R) launched a campaign this past Independence Day to "Declare Your Independence from Technology!", encouraging people to take a step back from their increasingly addictive connection with their technology and to reconnect with loved ones. The campaign was highly successful, obtaining over 500 signatures in a few short days.  

People could sign the Declaration in-person in New York City during our July 4th campaign.  An interactive Declaration of Independence from Technology was also posted online for people to read and sign. Signees can also sign and print their own Personal Declaration and vow to break free from the (increasingly tyrannical) bonds of their technological devices.

The short term goal is to obtain 1,000 signees.  When that goal is reached, the petition will be presented to CEOs of major technology & social media companies, members Congress, and the President.  

"This petition addresses the highly addictive nature of technology and how it is affecting society as a whole. This is a movement to take back control over our interaction with technology," said Dr. Joseph Geliebter, clinical psychologist and founder of Unplugging and Reconnecting™. "We have become so addicted that some of us are busy with technology devices throughout the day and night, and even take them to bed with us!"

The movement is now underway -- hundreds of people have since signed and have included comments of agreement from "Amen!", "Great idea -- people first!", and "Technology is a great servant but a bad master." Last weekend at the South Street Seaport, U&R brought the Declaration to the people. Hundreds were drawn to our "revolutionaries" dressed in colonial garb and enthusiastically signed on.

This Sunday, July 10th, U&R was invited by the organizers to participate in the NYPD Brooklyn Unity Showcase, at Prospect Park at the Bartel Pritchard Circle, 15 Street at Prospect Park West from 11:30 am - 4:30 to sign the Declaration and get gifts.

At U&R, we do love technology and the benefits it provides, but we also recognize that we have begun to lose control of the very technology designed to enhance and simplify our lives. The complete saturation of social media and gadgetry has infiltrated every single moment of our lives, from insidious addictive apps and games, to reflexive email/Facebook/Twitter checking.

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About Unplugging and Reconnecting™

Unplugging and Reconnecting™, a Mind Over Body® Inc. enterprise, was created in response to our current state of digital overload.  U&R is leading the movement for people to find a balance between their technology-laden, multitasking selves and their creative, emotional and spiritual needs -- to benefit from one while sustaining the other.

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