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The Premier Basketball League to Hold Special NBA Players' Interactive "Lockout" Draft
Jul 05, 2011 (06:07 PM EDT)

CHICAGO, July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago based Premier Basketball League (PBL) with teams throughout the United States will be giving locked out NBA Players an opportunity to play this fall.  The concept behind the special lockout draft will give fans the ability via the internet to pick players and place them onto PBL Teams.

"What a great way for these finely tuned athletes to stay in shape and get financial compensation without the fans missing the chance to see their star players on the court," commented Brij Desai, President & Chief Executive Officer of the Premier Basketball League.

The date of the draft is set for Tuesday July 19th, 2011 with further details to be announced on the PBL's website.

Fans from around the country will have the chance to vote as to where their favorite NBA player should play.  "We will also allow fans to vote on which of their favorite charities should receive proceeds from these played games," commented Dr. Sev Hrywnak, Chairman of the Board.

The PBL looks to also establish a "Locked out All-Star Team," that will travel to different cities raising money for several charities and allowing NBA Players to showcase their basketball talents in cities where an NBA franchise does not exist.  These cities include Hartford-CT, Rochester-NY, Buffalo-NY, Columbus-OH, Pittsburgh-PA, Nashville-TN, Omaha-NE, Tucson-AZ, San Diego-CA, Seattle-WA and Kansas City-MO.

Games will be broadcasted live on @SportsTV Network through television distribution as well as online streaming at

Could Dwayne Wade be playing for the new PBL Team coming to Chicago, rumored to be announced next week?

For further information please contact the Premier Basketball League at

SOURCE Premier Basketball League (PBL)