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Who Says Learning High School Physics and Science Is for Nerds?
Jun 23, 2011 (04:06 PM EDT)

Twist Education™ Reshapes Education with Fun and Engaging iTunes App Vector Tracker

SAN ANTONIO, June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --  As more and more American youth opt out of pursuing physics and science careers because they deem it too difficult, Twist Education provides a solution, making physics exciting and easier to learn with the release of its third and exciting game, Vector Tracker, on the iTunes App Store for $1.99. Vector Tracker is the third in a series of apps from Twist Education created to help students master the prerequisites for physics and other sciences – in this case, the subject matter is displacement vectors – designed to tap into their 21st century brains, wired for mobile technology.  


"We know games are a powerful environment for motivation and engagement," says Twist CEO Stephan Samuelson.  "By creating a strong story, ways to visualize the abstract concepts of physics and a virtual reality setting for experimentation and learning, Twist games tap into the same motivators inherent in all good games."

Vector Tracker is a general science game designed to teach the basics of vector manipulation. Vectors play a prominent role in many areas of physics, and students often come to class without a full understanding of vectors. This game is designed to remedy this knowledge void by providing a strong conceptual foundation as well as an introduction to the qualitative aspects of vector mathematics.

Twist Education is producing a series of apps that run on mobile devices such as the iPod Touch, enabling students to learn advanced secondary school physics through a video game. In Twist games, scientific discovery is made possible – often necessary - in the context of the adventure.

"At Twist Education we believe building interest and excellence in science among our country's youth is paramount to continued economic success," Samuelson says.  "However, many students don't consider careers based on science because they've found the subjects difficult to learn. By developing games that teach advanced science, we hope to bridge the engagement gap."

A convergence of trends is shaping the future of education: the advent of affordable mobile devices, the possibility of personalized, anywhere/anytime access to learning, the digital content revolution, the ubiquitous nature of the Internet and its influence on our daily lives, and the demands of digital natives (be they students or teachers).  

Two other available Twist Education apps are Escape from Unitopia, for learning the international system of units, and Zombeez Slasher, for learning powers of 10.  Both Escape from Unitopia and Zombeez Slasher are priced at only 99 cents all summer!

About Twist Education, LLC.  Twist Education™ aims to be at the forefront of reimagining science education by producing singularly effective instructional methods embedded in adventure games.  Twist Education™ is committed to building interest and excellence in science by developing adventure games that both engage and educate students in science. Its offerings are apps hosted on mobile platforms such as the iPod Touch. In the course of play, students learn complex scientific and technical concepts, gain understanding of abstract "invisible" phenomena, and have fun learning.

Contact:  Stephan Samuelson
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