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Operation on the Heart of Logistics: T-Systems Makes Brau Union's Logistics Center Intelligent
Jun 23, 2011 (07:06 PM EDT)

- State-of-the-art navigation system increases efficiency, minimizes CO2 emissions and provides flexible space utilization

- The Logistics Centerin Wieselburg is the pilot project for supply chain management within Brau Union, a member of the Heineken group

WIESELBURG and VIENNA, Austria, June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Brau Union's fast moving consumer goods are subject to a new trend within production and logistics: the increasing difficulty in predicting dealers' sales volumes. If there is an unexpected higher demand from customers for a specific product, the following activities within a conventionally-managed warehouse will normally take place: The replenishment stock for the requested products is almost empty, intra-logistics is busy with the processing of orders and at the same time there is short availability of space for products with lower demand.

To operate with less rigidity and make the utilization of space more flexible, Brau Union Austria has engaged Locanis Logistics to implement a networked logistics warehouse with intelligent information technology at its Heineken facility.

The core of the solution is the interconnection between two state-of-the-art logistical technologies: The latest Metasyst Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Locanis Intelligence, dynamic forklift navigation with LMS or labor management system.

The Group's new system features IT-supported determination of inventory location and the complete navigation and utilization of resources within the warehouse using laser sensors on the forklifts, providing the optimal "geographic point" for collection, routing and destination. This minimizes empty and under capacity running and creates a platform where different products can be stored in a seemingly "chaotic" way beside each other, eliminating the need for fixed locations. In short, the warehouse has become intelligent.

Innovation project for Brau Union Austria

"Our expectation for the project was and is very high," says Brau Union General Director Markus Liebl. "We are talking about a site that already, before this project, was highly efficient. Today we use less fuel for our forklifts, we have a higher precision of storage space and we can provide a maximum of flexibility to our customers."

"Logistics and trade are areas where our customers are realizing they must consider future technologies and networking. We are very proud of this project because we have proven how intelligent information and communication technology makes infrastructure more economically and environmentally sustainable," says Georg Obermeier, Chairman of the Management Board of T-Systems.

Brau Union Austria runs five large logistics centers in Austria. In addition to Wieselburg, the Group has logistics centers in Schwechat, Zipf, Goss and Puntigam. Brau Union plans to install the same solution at all these sites. Josef Breuer, Managing Director Logistics and Distribution: "The solution in Wieselburg is one-of-a-kind within the Heineken Group, but we hope to lead the way to our colleagues in the Heineken Group worldwide." This should serve as a model for all WMS improvements in the Beverage industry.

Locanis AG has been supplying system solutions for process optimization and product tracking in the field of warehouse logistics since 1985. Through innovation and expertise – combined in the worldwide patented product Locanis IntelliGence – Locanis has established itself as the market leader with an impressive customer base. As a technology leader, it is Locanis's goal to achieve continuous and optimized goods tracking through all stages of the logistical supply chain, using optimized processes which are sustainable – both for the environment and for Locanis's customers. Since 2000, Locanis AG has been a public limited company (not listed on the stock exchange). The company's registered headquarters are in Unterfohring near Munich.

SOURCE Locanis Logistics North America