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Bam! Zoom! Wow! Superhero Spotlight Puts Fresh Face on Blog
Jun 16, 2011 (04:06 PM EDT)

New Hero and "Blogging without Flogging" Programs Help Companies Break Out of the Crowd

CHICAGO, June 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With millions of blogs and a barrage of other information sources flooding the airwaves – how can smart companies stay ahead?  One company, K Squared Communications, has launched its own superhero: The Spotlight, whose mission it is to help companies be successful.  The hero's nemesis is the heavy handed Damian Detritus. See the characters and the first three episodes on the K Squared blog and the Facebook page. New episodes appear every other Monday.  


The comic trend has surfaced in business book summaries, so why not spice up a best practice blog with a superhero.  "We are still getting valuable business information out – just in a fresh format," said Kate Koziol, president of K Squared Communications. The online program will be supported with offline campaigns including a superhero ring similar to the "X-ray vision glasses" offer in old school comic books.

Accompanying the superhero is a new way to help executives overcome "blog envy."  Many executives know they should be blogging, or are getting pressured, a.k.a. flogging, or are unable keep their current blog up to date so K Squared has rolled out the first of its MicroPromotion® programs.  The "Blogging without Flogging" program runs smoothly with as little as a 15-minute monthly commitment from a company.  "We support many company blogs and social media efforts and now we've put it into an easy-to-use program," added Koziol.  "We can handle the process from the first topic brainstorm, through the ongoing effectiveness tracking."  The MicroPromotion programs also include advanced blog support or streamlined news development and distribution services and prices start at $500 per month.  

About K Squared Communications

K Squared Communications is a public relations, social media and marketing firm specializing in finding; refining and promoting positive stories that help grow client businesses.  Founded in 1997, K Squared Communications is a national entrepreneurial award-winning organization and more information about K Squared is available at, via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or by calling (773) 774-7847.

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