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Safer Schools? Now, There's an App for That
Jun 16, 2011 (05:06 PM EDT)

Improved response times to classroom emergencies are only a mobile app away with the latest Help Alert® technologies.

BROOKFIELD, Wis., June 16, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Some scenarios have become tragically familiar. A troubled teenager brings a weapon to school. An armed stranger enters a grade school bent on making headlines. But often times it's the less sensational threats to a child's safety that produce equally devastating results. Consider how quickly arguments or verbal bullying can turn to physical violence. Or, just speak to the parents of children with health concerns, such as food allergies, diabetes, or a heart condition. One thing these situations all share in common is the need for an immediate and appropriate response.


Now imagine how swift that response could be if the vice principal, security staff or the school nurse knew the moment there was a problem and knew precisely where the problem was occurring. Whether it's a weapon on campus, a fight in the gym, or a student with a medical condition, now the appropriate personnel can be notified of what's occurring, where, and respond in a matter of seconds.

Today, PinPoint® Technologies introduces yet another breakthrough for improving school emergency response time with the announcement of a mobile app designed to deliver its innovative Help Alert® wireless emergency call solution right over mobile devices, including iPhones®, iPods® or iPads®.

Unlike perimeter-based security solutions, such as metal detectors and video surveillance, Help Alert is designed to be a far more proactive solution. How so? Because it operates where the incidents usually occur… in the classroom, the gymnasium, hallway or out on the athletic field.

Simple wireless system speeds response

Help Alert is a wireless technology developed to provide schools with an affordable, easy-to-implement location-based alert technology. In plain English, schoolteachers and staff wear a small pendant that is readily accessible at all times. If a problem arises or tensions are escalating, the nearest staff member simply presses the button on their pendant. A discreet alert is instantly transmitted to appropriate team members, so they know who called in the alert and their precise location at the moment the alert was sent.

For schools that have implemented the system, response times have been reduced from 25 minutes, or longer, to 30 seconds or less. This kind of dramatic improvement in response time can put trained professionals on the scene far sooner than relying on traditional safety technologies alone. In many instances, before a situation escalates to violence or a child's health is put at serious risk.

Mobilization made more affordable

"PinPoint really redefined the location-based solutions market by delivering a truly practical solution that puts this technology within virtually any school's reach," notes PinPoint Technologies VP, Bryan Tracey. "With the addition of our mobile app, we make this technology even more versatile and cost-effective."

With the Help Alert Mobile App, mobile users can add the functionality of Help Alert to their mobile device with a free download. See which user is alarming. Acknowledge the alert. Clear it. And store the reason for the alert all right on your mobile device. In addition, you can zoom and pan across floor plans, and updates every 10 seconds allow you to see if the alerting location changes or remains stationary, so you can monitor the situation as you are en route to respond.

Spreading the word to parents, teachers and administrators

The PinPoint team introduced and demonstrated Help Alert and its mobile application at the National PTA Convention in Orlando, Florida, June 9-12, 2011.

"Because Help Alert leverages new technologies in a way that simply wasn't feasible or affordable a few years ago, the biggest hurdle for its widespread adoption is simply making people aware that it exists," notes Tracey. "We are going to events like the National PTA Convention to introduce the concept of Help Alert and demonstrate what a difference it can make, because people really haven't seen anything like it. Teachers need to know that they could be providing a greater degree of protection for their students and themselves. Parents need to know that more proactive approaches to their child's safety do exist. And administrators need to know just how affordable and easy Help Alert can be to implement."

"If you are a teacher, ask your administration about Help Alert," urges Tracey. "If you are a parent, ask your children's teachers about it. Administrators want to provide the safest possible learning environments, they just may not be aware of the latest resources available to them." It's a small device that can have a huge impact on some of society's most critical professionals and the people they serve. The addition of the mobile app now makes it that much easier for schools to leverage the value of this advancement.

About PinPoint® Technologies

PinPoint® Technologies is a sister company of RF Technologies® – a leading provider of comprehensive, integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) safety and security solutions since 1987. With an installed base of more than 10,000 systems worldwide, RF Technologies offers healthcare state-of-the-art systems – including Code Alert® Wandering Management, Safe Place Infant/Child Security, SafePlace® ED Elopement Management, Sensatec® Fall Management, and PinPoint® RTLS Location-Aware Solutions.

PinPoint Technologies continues the RF Technologies tradition of providing best-in-class safety and security products and solutions. Our focus is on offering customers easy-to-use, easy-toimplement Real Time Location Solutions built on a single convenient, reliable backbone – the PinPoint RTLS platform. Our expertise ranges from Staff Duress solutions, to Asset Management and Mobile Applications and serves a diverse range of markets, including Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Public Venues.

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