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Limelight Launches Revolutionary "Royalty Plus" Revenue Stream for Songwriters and Publishers
Jun 14, 2011 (05:06 PM EDT)

RightsFlow's Online Mechanical Licensing Utility To Now Share Up To 30% of Its Service Fees


NEW YORK, June 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Limelight, the simple online mechanical licensing clearance utility powered by RightsFlow, has launched a first-ever partnership opportunity for publishers and songwriters to expand revenues from the service by sharing in the administration fees being paid by its users.  Participating publishers will earn "Royalty Plus" revenue entirely incremental to the millions of dollars in mechanical royalties currently being collected and paid out by the company.  The new program is entirely voluntary and non-exclusive while allowing for flexible payment methods and channels.

The program's shared revenues will be culled from the $15 per-license fees being generated by Limelight users worldwide: artists, churches, college ensembles, and other musical groups using the one-stop interface to license 100% of any song for distribution and sale in the U.S.  With a robust transaction average of $195 (including $134 in publishing royalties and $61 in administration fees from between 4 - 5 licenses per order), Limelight produces a significant baseline in both royalties and in user-generated fees.  

The Royalty Plus program includes two revenue enhancements:

  • The AFFILIATE option provides a 15% commission on service fees from licensing transactions that are a direct result of a publisher's shared outreach of Limelight via marketing and educational efforts.  
  • The PARTNER option provides a 15% commission to participating publishers on all service fees generated ANYTIME that publisher's submitted repertoire is licensed through Limelight regardless of traffic source.

Publishers may choose one or both programs and sign up at  

"In a turbulent ecosystem, we believe in the importance of delivering new creative models that work for both sides of the licensing equation," said Patrick Sullivan, Limelight President and CEO.  "In addition to catalyzing new usage for cover songs and bringing found revenue to songwriters and publishers, we want to deepen the connection between Limelight and copyright owners.  All parties benefit from tight, mutually advantageous relationships."

Driven by RightsFlow's extensive marketing efforts and affiliate partnerships, Limelight has experienced rapid growth and global adoption by tens of thousands of users in all 50 states and 96 countries.   Current Limelight affiliates include Alfred Publishing, ASCAP, CD Baby, Copyright Clearance Center, Disc Makers, and hundreds more.

SOURCE RightsFlow