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And Partners Announces Opening of New App Lab for Hearst
Jun 09, 2011 (05:06 PM EDT)

A Space for Discussion and Innovation Around Smart Mobile Expressions of Branded Content

NEW YORK, June 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- And Partners announced today the opening of a new state-of-the-art media lab and interactive learning center developed for Hearst Corporation to showcase Hearst's digital content across all tablet and smartphone device platforms. And Partners worked with Hearst to create a dedicated space for innovation in mobile branded content by combining new technology with insights into the unique needs of publishers and their marketing partners.

The space serves as a think tank where innovators within Hearst and across the media and technology industries can meet to discuss and develop the smartest branded content, ad models, and platforms for mobile devices.

"The Hearst App Lab is where the future is imagined, debated, tested, planned, embraced, tracked, and— ultimately—created," said David Schimmel, President and Creative Director of And Partners. "This is an ideal case of using design to increase collaboration within a company and with its clients."

And Partners led the design architecture and software development to create new, more innovative ways of working. The two companies worked together to conceive the most effective, functional and well designed space.

"The App Lab represents a new attitude toward sharing and creating," said David. "Conceived around the idea of potential, rather than on what is of the moment today, the space was designed to accommodate change—such as new devices, platforms, and content."

With the App Lab, Hearst will renew its position as leading the publishing industry and display its commitment to create new brands, new platforms, and new methods to deliver content to the world's new digital channels and form factors.

The physical space is designed in keeping with the spirit of Norman Foster's design of the Hearst Tower. It is a blank canvas to display the company's ever-evolving digital content. Every session in the App Lab is different, so the space can be quickly and easily changed to adapt.

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