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StoneRiver, Inc. Announces Version 7.1 of Reinsurance Solution
Jun 03, 2011 (01:06 PM EDT)

URS addresses P&C carriers' needs for ceded and assumed reinsurance administration

OAKLAND, Calif., June 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Universal Reinsurance System (URS®) v 7.1 from StoneRiver, Inc. facilitates user interaction with a newly designed launch page optimized for clean, efficient navigation. The P&C reinsurance solution automates ceded and assumed reinsurance business, including reinsurance underwriting, claims processing, and accounting. URS is in production at dozens of insurance carriers across the country.


URS v7.1 also adds support for a Microsoft SQL Server relational database to the existing support for IBM DB2 and UDB. With the fresh launch page, carriers experience:

  • Streamlined navigation
  • Reduced training time for first-time users, and
  • A clear snapshot of workload for both the individual user and the company

"There is increasing interest among primary insurers in reinsurance solutions that provide recordkeeping and execution capabilities to make reinsurance programs provide the value they were designed to do," said Donald Light, Senior Analyst of Celent, an international strategy consultancy. "URS provides the comprehensive administrative functionality that spreadsheets cannot address."

"The new launch page will be popular with system users, and the additional database flexibility means carriers using SQL Server can take advantage of this powerful system," said Sue Peirce, AVP of Reinsurance Operations at StoneRiver, Inc. "Spreadsheets have helped carriers with reinsurance for years, but spreadsheets alone cannot ensure regulatory compliance or prevent overlooked recoverables to the degree that URS's complete automation of reinsurance administration can."

About the URS Solution

URS is a comprehensive reinsurance solution that provides insurance and reinsurance companies with an automated means of handling all facets of their reinsurance business. The reinsurance software manages treaties for ceded, assumed, retroceded, pools, and affiliates. Dozens of insurers across the nation rely on URS for their reinsurance administration.

About StoneRiver, Inc.

StoneRiver delivers the industry's widest range of technology solutions and services to insurance carriers, agents, and broker-dealers. This versatile product group encompasses front-office, policy, claim, rating, underwriting, billing, reinsurance, financial and compliance solutions for all major business lines. Hundreds of companies rely on StoneRiver software and processing solutions to achieve a competitive edge. StoneRiver promotes client success by streamlining complex business processes. Visit for more information.

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