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MDS Announces Launch of Integrated Job Costing System
Jun 03, 2011 (01:06 PM EDT)

Job Costing and Project Management Module Now Available for MDS Explorer

NEW YORK, June 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MDS Property Management Software has announced the full release of its fully integrated Job Costing and Project Management module for MDS Explorer.  After years of development and testing, this product enables users to link Work Orders and invoices to Projects, Sub-Projects, Contracts and Change Orders making project management and related reporting easier than ever.

"Many of our clients are already in the construction business and for them, this product is a perfect fit.  Basically, it allows users to create an overarching Project which captures all of the related Work Orders and invoices they are already entering into MDS Explorer.  Our existing clients can even create a Project and retroactively assign related Contracts to the invoices and Work Orders that have already been processed.  Project Status and AIA reporting can all be accomplished with relative ease through the use of this system," says Steven Friedberg, President of MDS Property Management Software.

"Whenever we design something like this we try to work closely with several key customers to determine their needs.  This insight combined with our understanding of workflow and system design makes for a product that is both easy to use and very robust.  At the end of the day, our clients get what they need on the backend through a minimal amount of data entry up front.  From an everyday user's point of view, the only additional step is to assign a contract number on the invoice or Work Order level.  This one extra step provides management a deep and broad level of information for reporting and analysis," says Mr. Friedberg.

MDS is a privately owned company that has been providing property management software to the local New York market since 1982. Their core business is the development, implementation and support of products designed to achieve maximum efficiency for the New York based manager.   A focus on the local market allows MDS to respond rapidly to changes in local law and market trends that cannot be matched by generic national software providers.   For more information about MDS, visit them on the web at

Contact: Adam Friedberg
Tel. 888-325-8307

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