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neoSaej Announces New Reverse Auction Application for Discounts
May 25, 2011 (05:05 PM EDT)

BURLINGTON, Mass., May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- neoSaej Corp., developers of a successful reverse auction technology currently in use in the financial services industry, today announced the development of DealAisle, a new product utilizing reverse auctioning as well as consumer group formation in the discount arena.  

DealAisle gives both consumers and businesses significant advantages compared to other discount platforms.  Consumers will be able to shop for what they actually want, when and where they want it. With this unique technology they can form buying groups and also benefit from automated live reverse auctions for products and services among competing merchants. They can also seek immediate deals from the merchants.

Merchants also have some key benefits: DealAisle's patented platform allows dynamic pricing and automated real-time optimized inventory management along with optimization of other business objectives, as well as localized participation at the zip code level. In addition, participation in auctions allows merchants to liquidate excess inventory without damaging their brand and other marketing efforts.  Further, merchants can actually create their own promotions to be offered through the platform.

Merchants' ability to manage inventory with DealAisle is in sharp contrast with other discount models.  These platforms are economically unviable for many merchants precisely because inventory is disconnected from the discount promotions. Since DealAisle solves this fundamental problem, many more merchants will be able to participate with this popular new form of merchandising.

Merchants are already joining this new service which is expected to launch in the next 60 days.  In addition, AAA Southern New England, headquartered in Providence, RI, and AAA Pioneer Valley, headquartered in West Springfield, MA, have become the first neoSaej clients to agree to launch the new technology platform.  AAA Southern New England serves members in Rhode Island and the following counties in Connecticut:  New Haven, Fairfield and Litchfield, and in Massachusetts:   Bristol, Middlesex, Worcester, Berkshire, Plymouth, Suffolk, Barnstable and Norfolk.  AAA Pioneer Valley serves members within the Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin Counties of Massachusetts.  

About neoSaej, Corp.

neoSaej is a leading developer of online auction marketplaces focused on utilizing the advantages of the Web to empower consumers.  neoSaej's first product provides a marketplace for consumers to get great rates on auto refinancing, auto loans, CDs and high-yield savings accounts by enabling banks and credit unions to compete for their business in live reverse auctions.  DealAisle is neoSaej's online marketplace that allows consumers to form groups and shop for what they want, when and where they want it, deliver increased savings by enabling merchants to compete in reverse auctions, while also providing merchants with dynamic pricing and automated optimization of inventory and other business objectives.

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