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Why Orange County Needs TEDxOrangeCoast May 19th - Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall
May 12, 2011 (06:05 PM EDT)

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., May 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TED fans are just about as crazy for TED as Apple fans are for their iPads. If you're not familiar with TED, spend 16 minutes watching anything on and you'll know what the phenomenon is about. The all-volunteer organizers of TEDxOrangeCoast (x = independently organized TED event) on May 19th believe Orange County needs a jolt to become a little more TED savvy. Over 2 million people visit the TED site every month. TED talks are translated into 18 different languages. The cost of attending TED's annual conference in Long Beach is a mere $6,000 (and for 2012 its $7,500) for tickets that sell out faster than a Lady Gaga concert. TEDxOrangeCoast, thanks to our sponsors, is only $95.

TED's curator, Chris Anderson, never meant for TED to become an elitist venue. That's one of the biggest reasons why he developed TEDx. Created in the spirit of TED's mission, "ideas worth spreading," the TEDx program is designed to give communities, organizations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level.

Surprisingly, TEDxOrangeCoast remains a bit of a secret. What's up with Orange County? Most of us think of OC as something a bit more than reality TV, right? Perhaps it is So Cal's little Silicon Valley? But, if you ask the average person in Silicon Valley about TED, they launch into their favorite TED talk. Orange County is quite different. The TED brand awareness is low. Here, you are more apt to get a blank look. The all-volunteer organizers of TEDxOrangeCoast, have set out to change that and bring thought-provoking dialogue about innovation to Orange County.

The TEDxOrangeCoast speaker line-up is off the charts. Twenty four innovators  from all walks of life, some well known, and some who – once they are heard will never be forgotten. They participate (pro bono, by the way) to initiate and stimulate conversations within the audience. Most TED and TEDx venue attendees say they learned the most from conversations with fellow attendees during the breaks and afterward. That's the plan, for TEDxOrangeCoast too.

TEDxOrangeCoast is Orange County's chance see embrace TED and share our own ideas worth spreading.

May 19, 8:30 – 6 p.m.
Tickets: $95
Henry & Renee Segerstrom Concert Hall
Purchase tickets here

Media Contact: Eileen Paulin
(949) 442-0511

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