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YouTube Unveils Movie Pages Featuring Hollywood Actor and Filmmaker Video Interviews
May 10, 2011 (05:05 PM EDT)

MakingOf's intimate, in-depth interviews with actors, directors, and producers showcase the magic behind the creation of movies

SAN FRANCISCO, May 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Google's YouTube  unveiled more than 3,000 movies for rent on YouTube, with additional titles added every week. YouTube's movie pages also feature MakingOf's premium content, which includes video interviews with directors, actors and producers, exclusive movie featurettes and MakingOf's original show Reel Life, Real Stories. MakingOf is the hub that connects fans to movies and the people who create movies through real personal stories that highlight the heart and soul of moviemaking.

"Making a movie is a long, creative, and often challenging process. So much of the buzz we hear around movies has nothing to do with the struggles or artistic beauty of the creation. MakingOf is all about cutting through the clutter to capture and share personal filmmaker stories – real content not gossip," said Christine Aylward, MakingOf Co-founder & CEO. "It is our goal to offer fans the closest touch point to movies and this partnership further validates that authentic content is important to fans. We are delighted to partner with Google/YouTube, a company that has significant reach and is the leader in delivering video content."

"We're excited to work with MakingOf to provide YouTube users with behind-the-video features, exclusive cast interviews, and other film-related material. MakingOf's premium content provides users who want a close, authentic connection to movies exactly what they're looking for when exploring movies on YouTube," said Camille Hearst, Product Marketing Manager for Music, Movies, and Shows.

About MakingOf 

Co-founded by CEO Christine Aylward and Natalie Portman, MakingOf connects audiences with their favorite celebrities, filmmakers and movies on an intimate, personal level that has yet to be captured. The starting point for MakingOf's brand is its first platform, which offers intimate video interviews with filmmakers and talent, on-set segments, produced movie featurettes and the original show Reel Life, Real Stories. MakingOf's significant content library includes more than 500 in-depth interviews with today's most relevant filmmakers and talent such as Tom Hooper, Todd PhilipsDanny BoyleRyan Gosling, Ben Stiller, Michelle Williams, Ron HowardEd Harris, Aaron Sorkin, and many more.