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Vacaville Christian Schools Introduces iPad Education Program
Apr 29, 2011 (05:04 PM EDT)

VACAVILLE, Calif., April 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Since its inception, Vacaville Christian Schools has had one vision in mind – educate and prepare today's students to be tomorrow's leaders. When VCS rolls out its new Leading the Way in iPad Education program in August, it will be taking the next step in making this vision a reality.  Some wonder why VCS decided to take this leap and make iPads part of their students' daily lives.

"Times are challenging for schools," responds VCS CEO Paul Harrell. "We want to give our children every single advantage. We know our duty as Christian educators is making sure these kids are well prepared for their future endeavors, regardless of what the economy brings.  If we use the iPad, we're giving our students a classroom without walls," Harrell states. "It opens up the entire horizon. Teachers will actively engage their students through a tool that they're used to and that's attractive to them. While the iPad may seem challenging to us, for our student's it is natural.  Kids are digital natives, we are mostly digital immigrants."

iPad in hand, there are no limits to what VCS students can learn, research, create, and share. Under the guidance of their highly qualified Christian staff and faculty, students will continue to be challenged in their core classes and in fine arts. As long as students are curious, as long as their imaginations are alive and well, when they are guided by dedicated faculty, their only limitations are their own expectations.  "We will continue to stretch these expectations daily," says Harrell.  

Another element of the iPad integration that has Harrell excited is how environmentally friendly it is.  "This is as green as it can get," Harrell says enthusiastically. "Ultimately, there will be no need to print things out as before. That's a drastic change." Harrell believes the school could save thousand of dollars, and trees, when this initiative is fully realized.

At VCS, they're already doing an excellent job of preparing their students for the future. A full 98 percent of their graduates each year go on to attend a four-year college.  "This year's graduating class has already earned more than $2.2 million dollars in merit scholarships.  Not bad for 70 graduates," says Harrell.

Anyone requiring more information about enrolling a student at VCS or the Leading the Way in iPad Education program should contact Faith Perez at (707) 446-0776, ext. 1022.

SOURCE Vacaville Christian Schools