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Silhouette Eyewear Introduces 1.000 Letters Of Passion
Apr 29, 2011 (03:04 PM EDT)

The 1.000 Letters Of Passion offer a new way to express one's personal feelings for somebody and share them with a community. The messages will be published online, and they'll be sent hand-written to the recipient as a nice "personal thought".

LINZ, Austria, April 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Letters to beloved and admired persons - family, friends, idols - can be created and published online and are sent in a hand-written version to the recipients as a nice "personal thought".

Silhouette Eyewear is installing this service as a completely new interpretation of the tradition of writing letters to beloved and admired persons. On Silhouette Eyewear's website everyone has the opportunity to create and share letters and their valuable content online to show the world one's very special words for a person.

Then the magic happens in the 1.000 Letters Of Passion Studio in Linz/ Austria, which can be observed online, of course, via live stream: One of the writers in the Studio writes down the words in a real letter, by hand, and sends it to the recipient.

Sending a hand-written letter to someone special is still the most touching way to express one's emotions and feelings for another person. 1.000 Letters Of Passion is a very special opportunity to dignify somebody's unique value, by sharing that wonderful expression of esteem with the world. Exclusively with "Crystal. A Woman's Passion" by Silhouette a new definition of emotion!

SOURCE Silhouette International