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Retired Police Officers Speak Out on Online Dating Conundrum
Apr 19, 2011 (04:04 PM EDT)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Meeting potential dates online at popular matchmaking websites is convenient for many of today's hardworking professionals looking for companionship, but the perils of not knowing much about an online date are becoming more and more prevalent.

Andy Scott and Robert Buchholz are two retired law enforcement officers who have been working to help online daters protect themselves for the last two years through

"Not every dangerous criminal makes the 'Sexual Offenders Registry.' While it would be great if every online dating service checked the Registry as a part of the application process, there is other important information that online daters need to have to make sure they are protected," explains Andy Scott, co-founder of

For example, recently agreed to run their members through the Sexual Offenders Registry, which is a positive first step but not a comprehensive stopgap to dating dangers.

The Sexual Offenders Registry includes criminals who have been mandated by the court to register as part of their conviction.  The reason this is not a comprehensive screen is two-fold:  First, many offenders plea bargain their case and therefore are not mandated to register; perhaps, more importantly, the Registry doesn't provide a record of other violent, criminal activity common to online predators, including domestic abuse, aggravated assault, fraud, larceny and theft, as examples.

"The only way to really protect yourself is to do a thorough criminal background check.  These are often accomplished for less than the cost of lunch at a fashionable restaurant and definitely worth the price," Scott added.

"In my experience as a police Captain and Undersheriff, I have found that 90 percent of the time sex offenders plea bargain their case, which results in not having to register for the Sexual Offenders Registry," says co-founder Robert Buchholz. "With an entry level, $14.95 background check from the name is run through a minimum of three criminal databases." offers four levels of increasing depth in background screenings depending on the stage of the relationship. There's the Just Met for $14.95; Getting Closer for $34.95; Getting Series for $49.95 and All About Me for $89.00.

ABOUT MYMATCHCHECKER.COM can help keep online daters safe by providing insight and information necessary for making an informed dating decision before they agree to meet! assists in protecting individuals from the multitude of online scammers, identity thieves and sexual predators. Those who engage in traditional dating such as dating events, nightclubs, introductions from friends and colleagues, and more are also encouraged to utilize You can never be too sure, "Know Your Date....Know  Your Fate."

ABOUT THE CREATORS is the creation of two retired, ranking police executives (Andrew Scott and Robert Buchholz) who are fathers of daughters and know the dangers that lurk in the shadows of online dating. Keeping their families safe and keeping the public safe are their life's work. Robert Buchholz is a retired New York State Police Captain and former Albany County (NY) Undersheriff. Andrew Scott is a retired Chief of the Boca Raton (FL) Police Department and former Assistant Chief of the North Miami Beach (FL) Police Department. Both proudly serve their respective communities for over 30 years each. Robert Buchholz and Andrew Scott continue to be actively involved in law enforcement based upon their affiliation with various national, state and local law enforcement associations including the International Associations of Chiefs of Police (IACP).