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Supply Side Platform (SSP) Specialist Smowtion to Launch U.S. Presence at ad:tech San Francisco 2011
Apr 08, 2011 (05:04 PM EDT)

MIAMI, April 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Smowtion, a technology company focused on developing products and support for advertising networks, will officially announce its U.S. presence at ad:tech 2011 in San Francisco on April 11th. Smowtion's network includes over 120,000 Web publishers worldwide, serving an audience of 270 million unique users. With a growing presence in the U.S., Smowtion's matchmaking services for publishers and advertisers will now be supported by its office in Miami, Florida.

According to spokesperson Marcelo Garcia Cisneros, "Smowtion's proprietary technology optimizes advertiser and publisher transactions on its Web 2.0 ad network which focuses on display advertising for blogs, news sites and other social media through our long tail traffic reaching 270 million users worldwide on our own managed inventory -- and that's without counting our reach through trusted partners such as RightMedia, AppNexus, Facebook (, Admeld, Rubicon, PubMatic and OpenX. Smowtion ensures that advertisers are connected to ideal audiences and publishers gain access to appropriate ads that will make them the most money."

Smowtion gives both advertisers and publishers superior control over their online advertising experience with real-time reporting, Cisneros said. He added that Smowtion's enormous inventory coupled with proprietary technology enables the company to offer superior audience segmentation and appropriately screened advertising, resulting in publisher/advertiser matches optimized for both sides. Smowtion technology highlights include:

  • "Brand Safety" protection system ensures that ads will appear only on sites that are compatible with brand values
  • "Creativity filter" enables publishers to control which ads will appear on their sites
  • Anti-fraud system that allows advertisers to pay only for valid activity
  • Contextual targeting matches ads to appropriate content on a Web page
  • Smowtion's SSP services and support are available to advertisers and publishers in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

About Smowtion

Smowtion is a technology company specializing in developing products and solutions that help target quality audiences for the online advertising industry. Our proprietary technology helps more than 120,000 publishers -- including Web sites, blogs and social networking sites that reach over 270 millions users worldwide -- through display ads and customized solutions. In 2010, Smowtion was included on Endeavor's List of High-Impact Entrepreneurs at the 36th International Selection Committee ( Please visit for additional information or contact our U.S. sales manager in Miami: Andrea Truppel: Mobile: 305-331-2037.

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