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MobileTREC Offers Japan Response Assistance With Advanced Personal Safety Technology
Mar 16, 2011 (04:03 PM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- At a time when hope is needed most, Los Angeles-based technology company, MobileTREC, salutes the efforts made on behalf of Japan disaster relief organizations and offers its assistance during this critical time.

The company is committed to helping communities in need, and has reached out to leading organizations like Shelter Box, Interaction, U.S. State Department, World Vision, Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders, Mercy Corps, Convoy of Hope, American Red Cross, and Salvation Army to offer its personal safety technology which can assist support and rescue efforts for teams deployed on the ground. In recognition of the hardships currently faced by the citizens of Japan, MobileTREC is offering their services free of charge.

By using the MobileTREC application on a mobile phone, the user can trigger a sequence of coordinated events that enhance personal and public safety.  Through the use of a single Panic Button feature, MobileTREC can notify relief personnel of the location and status of a person via voice, SMS, and email mapping technologies anywhere in the world.  MobileTREC creates detailed incident reports which captures comprehensive incident information and immediately distributes it globally to all stakeholders.

Simultaneously, MobileTREC's 24/7 Emergency Response Center can also open an immediate conference bridge with a personalized Safety Network of emergency contacts that includes friends, family, and co-workers.  The company will automatically issue an emergency alert notification to team members who are within close proximity of an emergency incident. Most importantly, should an emergency arise during rescue efforts, the MobileTREC platform enables a coordinated response, delivering comprehensive incident information, a person's current location, historical location, pictures, and vital information, thereby offering the best chance for a coordinated, immediate, and effective response.

Using the MobileTREC services, relief teams will be able to geo-define and geo-locate both safe zones and danger zones so relief personnel will have a real-time, accurate, and clear picture of the environment in which they are operating.

"We are fortunate to be living at a time of advanced technologies, when forces can be mobilized and deployed for the health and well being of people where they need it and when they need it most.  It is with great pride that we offer our platform and services to relief organization's humanitarian efforts to help save and restore lives," said Don Ferguson, CEO MobileTREC.

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