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Never Compromise Technology and Fashion Design
Feb 25, 2011 (12:02 PM EST)

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- With the diversity of sports footwear that Shenzhen Wuzhou Changlian International Trading Co. is offering, it doesn't matter what consumers' possible intention is in purchasing a pair of footwear, whether consumers need a pair for running, cross training, golfing, basketball, football or simply a pair that could make a statement for themselves, our different series tackles them all.

Although we strive to meet the latest fashion trends, so that consumers can wear our footwear products at all times, we never compromise our technology in manufacturing and designing, as we have successfully merged the natural, healthy motion of a bare foot with the protection of traditional footwear.

With stylish design and the use of superior materials, we have been able to produce shoes that are both durable and light. With the consideration of what the possible needs are for a regular sports enthusiast, we drilled down to the top 2 most practical criteria, durability and weight. After conducting primary research, we found that durability is one of the most critical factors in consumers' minds, because athletes need the cushioning to last in their shoes. The air support system of our sports footwear provides constant cushioning throughout the life of the shoes. In order to overcome the weight issue, we figured that by displacing heavier midsole materials with air cushioning, we can reduce the weight without sacrificing performance. This is extremely important because the lighter the shoe, the less energy the athlete must expend during performance.

Our one stop shop has recently been reorganized and fully updated to meet diverse needs of consumers by providing different functionalities and stylish designs in sports footwear.

SOURCE Shenzhen Wuzhou Changlian International Trading Co.