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The House of Six Doors: The First Book in the World With CLIC2C Print-To-Video Technology
Feb 24, 2011 (03:02 PM EST)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Feb. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The House of Six Doors is the first book in the world to include CLIC2C®, a revolutionary technology that brings multimedia content to the printed page, with the use of a smart phone. Thanks to CLIC2C®, readers receive a digital welcome from the author, Patricia Selbert, as they access multimedia video content from their mobile phones.

CLIC2C® has created a revolution in the European print media, by linking the printed page to the online world with a simple click. Smart phone users can access multimedia content by pointing their phone camera to an image that has been digitally watermarked with CLIC2C® technology. The practice is widely used in advertising in Europe, providing print media campaigns with a new twist. The Luike Group in Spain reported a readership growth of 38% in 2009, coinciding with their adoption of CLIC2C® technology.

The book publishing world is ever more competitive, and Publishing by the Seas wanted to have an edge for its long-expected novel, The House of Six Doors.  Nancy Black, CEO of Publishing by the Seas, discovered CLIC2C® during a trip to Spain, and fell in love with the immediacy of the digital content. "In a time when people can choose between an enhanced electronic book and a printed book, we're offering an enhanced printed book," she said.  The lyrical beauty of this captivating narrative is enhanced by the natural evolution from multimedia book trailers to CLIC2C® technology.

"It's exciting to have a beautifully illustrated cover combined with the latest digital technology. I'm very lucky to have Isaac Hernandez as the cover artist for The House of Six Doors," said author Patricia Selbert. "His work is already compelling, and CLIC2C® takes the magic to a new dimension."

The House of Six Doors chronicles the journey of thirteen-year-old Serena, torn from everything that's familiar on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, when her mother takes her and her older sister to Florida and then to California. They arrive in the United States to find nothing as they expected, and their first American home is the car they drove across the country.

The family finally settles in an apartment in Hollywood and Serena learns to pretend that everything's fine, afraid to send her emotionally unstable mother into another depression. The wisdom of her grandmother, a mixed-race mystic, gives her solace, to which she clings tenaciously, despite the thousands of miles between them. Coming of age in a foreign land, faced with enormous obstacles, Serena finds her way and the wisdom that sets her free.

Copies of the novel that El Mundo called "an honest tale of love, independence, and American dreams" can now be ordered on as a paperback and eBook/iBook, for US$14.95, and US$9.95, respectively.

Publishing by the Seas, Inc., a boutique literary publishing company based in Santa Barbara, California, gives voice to writers and artists who contribute to our world through discovery, education, and inspiration. In a fast-moving world, Publishing by the Seas provides titles that support physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

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