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TRX Expands Mid-Office Technology Offering with Latest Release of CORREX
Feb 22, 2011 (03:02 PM EST)

ATLANTA, Feb. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TRX, Inc. ( (OTCQB: TRXI), the world's leading provider of travel technology, process automation, consulting and data services, today announced the latest release of CORREX®, TRX's market leading mid-office solution.

CORREX is the world's leading reservation processing platform enabling efficient, automated quality control, file finishing, and ticketing of travel reservations. CORREX processes more than 100 million traveler reservations from over 40 countries around the globe each year and leverages in excess of 50,000 rules and queries designed to improve efficiency and reservation quality.

The latest deployment of CORREX streamlines and simplifies the system infrastructure and processing capabilities. Clients will benefit from improved error reporting and operational cost savings resulting from enhancements designed to reduce the number of GDS interactions required to process transactions. In addition, several updates have been incorporated to accommodate recent industry and GDS changes.

"The recent CORREX release drives greater efficiency within the platform and allows us to continue our focus of driving costs out of an agency's business," said Shane Hammond, President and CEO, TRX. "Our team will deliver additional features in 2011 that will expand the capabilities our self-service tool offers as well as make implementing and using CORREX faster and more cost-effective."

In 2010, TRX released a new self-service version of the CORREX mid-office solution to provide travel agencies with a more robust user interface, to bring the full-power of the application to the end-user, and to empower clients to define how and when traveler reservations are processed for automated quality control, auto-ticketing, unused e-ticket tracking, and itinerary email delivery.

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TRX is a world-leading travel technology and data services provider, offering more than 20 software-as-a-service utilities for online booking, reservation processing, data intelligence, and process automation. We deliver our technology applications in an on-demand environment to travel agencies, corporations, travel suppliers, government agencies, credit card associations, credit card issuing banks, and third-party administrators. We provide patented savings maximization solutions via our travel analytics consulting practice, extending spend management services to travel buyers all over the world. We complement all of these offerings with a global workforce focused on travel process automation and reengineering. For more information about TRX or to contact a TRX sales office, phone 404.929.6100 or visit the company's website at