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Dataupia Brings Enterprise-Class High Availability to Real-Time Platform for Big Data Analytics
Feb 11, 2011 (01:02 PM EST)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Dataupia Corporation today announces the latest version of the Satori Server, its award-winning data warehouse appliance. Release 4.0 delivers the superior levels of performance, availability, and resilience required by mission-critical operations that rely on real-time analysis of large amounts of data. The release includes patent-pending mirroring and backup/restore technology specifically designed for a massively parallel processing (MPP) platform ensuring that maintaining an always-available, Large Enterprise Data™ system is practical and cost-effective.

With this release Dataupia launches an appliance designed on Dell servers that has the strongest price/performance ratio in the marketplace. Dell servers offer the flexibility required to configure hardware to support MPP scalability and robustness for Large Enterprise Data (LED).

Dataupia's distinguished engineering team leveraged the benefits of Dell's state-of-the-art hardware to deliver a highly sophisticated unified appliance to address the most demanding LED challenges. The 4.0 Satori Server has a scan rate of 70 GB per second and the capacity for 1 Petabyte of compressed user data per 42U cabinet. The largest Satori deployment to date is a 5 Petabyte, fully mirrored production system.

"It might seem counter-intuitive," said Tracy Taylor, VP of Engineering for Dataupia, "but we wanted to take the 'specialness' out of MPP so that data centers can follow their existing management processes, including making snapshots and having choices for backing up within the Satori Server, to SAN storage,  or ultimately to tape.  A lot of effort went into making complex MPP backup-and-recovery seem routine."

Ray Green, Managing Director, Focus, reported, "Dataupia's Dell solution is as easy and simple as Dataupia's earlier Satori Servers to set up and run. The new backup and snapshot capabilities are a natural and welcome progression to simplify the tedious task of backing up massive amounts of data."

The impetus for Release 4.0 is a shift in the data warehouse appliance's role in the enterprise as it moves from supporting specialized analysis in a historic or predictive mode to running in tandem with front-line operations.

Foster Hinshaw, Dataupia's Founder and CEO observed, "Our customers are managing network interconnect revenue, intercepting defects, delivering traffic updates, and detecting fraud—live, in real-time, 24x7. MPP appliance technology is evolving to enable these mission-critical applications and meet LED requirements for performance and robustness."

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