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Newshosting Boosts Retention to 860 Days
Feb 04, 2011 (03:02 PM EST)

ASHBURN, Va., Feb. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NEWSHOSTING.COM, the world's leading provider of premium Usenet newsgroup service, today announced that its binary retention rate has achieved a new milestone at 860 days. This latest upgrade comes at no added cost for Newshosting subscribers.

In only two years, Newshosting has seen retention rates increase from 250 days to 860 days. Technical and infrastructure enhancements, including recent storage and network upgrades to its North American and European NNTP server farms, allow Newshosting to support and spool up to a full 860 days binary retention and offer over 2 years text retention with 99%+ article completion and lightning-fast, secure first class Usenet access. Additionally, Newshosting recently launched a new website that offers native international versions for Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish users.

Newshosting would like to invite new users to give its service a test run with a free 14 day/30 GB trial on any of its access plans. If you're having trouble selecting a plan, check out our Plan Customizer to help you choose the plan that's right for you.

Newsgroup retention rate is the length of time that a binary or text file is available to subscribers. 860 days of binary retention (upgraded from 810 days) means that Newshosting subscribers can access binary files that were posted to Usenet newsgroups up to 860 days ago. In addition to 860 days of binary retention, Newshosting supports over 2 years of retention for text files.

Keep an eye out for more enhancements coming soon in the first half of 2011, like increased retention and a couple of surprises Newshosting thinks you'll love.

About Newshosting:

Newshosting is the world's premier provider of Usenet newsgroup access.  As the industry-leader in service reliability, speed and retention, Newshosting is committed to providing world-class Usenet access to over 100,000 uncensored newsgroups from its servers in the United States and Europe.

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