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Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies Announces Fiber Optic Interfacility Link Module for the CV-MCU2+
Jan 21, 2011 (02:01 PM EST)

Offering reliable separation of satellite baseband equipment from antenna without complicated terminal setup

WALLINGFORD, Conn., Jan. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies, a leading provider of protocol converter equipment for the defense industry, announces the launch of its Satellite Fiber Link (SFL) module set for the CV-MCU2+ platform.

DNE Technologies SFL modules deliver a high performance alternative to coaxial cable for transmitting L-band signals between a satellite terminal and antenna.  SFL modules enable longer RF transmission distances while retaining the highest level of signal quality.  This allows users to move satellite terminals and associated equipment into protected areas while remoting the antenna in the best location for transmission. In addition to improved drive distances, users can benefit from electrical isolation, immunity to interference (EMI/RFI/lightning), and improved security of information that fiber optic signalling provides.  The SFL modules offer the widest dynamic range of operation, seamlessly passing L-band signals without restricting the performance of the satellite modems.  The programmable RF input range allows the user to configure for any satellite terminal equipment without calibration.  

"DNE is pleased to announce the addition of L-band fiber extension to the CV-MCU2+ portfolio.  These modules fill an important void in tactical satellite communications ground equipment used in theater today," commented Diane Lagel, Product Manager of Multiplexers and Modems at DNE Technologies.  Charles Reese, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at DNE Technologies, added, "Satellite terminal integrators will enjoy significant size and weight savings by combining Ethernet, TRI-TAC, and now L-band IFL fiber interfaces in a 1RU chassis."

The CV-MCU2+ SFL modules will be generally available in March 2011.  Fully configured systems range from $11,000 to $14,000 USD.  

About Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies

For over fifty years, Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies has provided communications devices to the US Department of Defense, Homeland Security and other government agencies. DNE Technologies manufactures networking equipment that economizes bandwidth and extends the drive distances of tactical communications devices. This equipment is used throughout the US Department of Defense and other government agencies to support the transition to IP networking, particularly in areas where bandwidth-intense network traffic is restricted by a single satellite or radio signal. DNE Technologies manufactures the AN/FCC-100, the TAC Multiservice Access Concentrator series, PacketAssure iQ Service Delivery Managers and NRZ/CDI/FOM converters, including the CV-MCU2 converter/multiplexer.

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