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BANDIT Zooms In on Manchester United; What's Their Online Value?
Jan 21, 2011 (11:01 AM EST)

Streaming United?

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Jan. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Having recently signed a deal to allow American Satellite Radio firm Sirius XM the rights to stream Manchester United games live across the US (as well as offering a series of other online and mobile-based content as part of the package), the commercial department at Old Trafford are now looking to develop more deals of this kind, notably across Asia.

The deal is just one of a number of recent/planned 'territorial' partnerships set up by the club in what is essentially an attempt to exploit the independent value of MUTV and MU Interactive-related content and to maximize the overall commercial potential of the Manchester United brand across the globe.

A similar deal was last year done with Hong-Kong based Telecommunications firm PCCW and the club are widely expected to announce more in the coming year.

It's all good business for Manchester United in the sense that it gives the club the opportunity to increase its brand presence across the globe at the same time as improving its annual earnings (by anything up to about 20 million pounds Sterling, assuming a significant number of additional deals are done).

But is it good business for the partners, and just as importantly, the consumers???

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