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McKeever's Price Chopper is First to Market With WorldPay's End-to-End Encryption Solution
Jan 12, 2011 (06:01 PM EST)

End-to-End Encryption Now Commercially Available from WorldPay

ATLANTA, Jan. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

At a Glance:

  • WorldPay is first to market with an end-to-end, VeriFone VeriShield Protect (VSP)-based payment transaction encryption from the PIN pad to the acquiring host.
  • A tamper-resistant security module protects the encryption key from logical and hardware-based attacks at the point of sale (POS)
  • Format-preserving encryption makes the system easy to adopt for POS vendors

WorldPay, a global leader in card payments, today announced that McKeever's Price Chopper, a leading Midwestern grocery store chain, is the first merchant to implement the WorldPay End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) Solution.  McKeever's Price Chopper has begun piloting WorldPay E2EE and, upon completion of the pilot, will roll out the solution to all of its stores.  

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Security breaches can have devastating effects on merchants, including brand and reputational damage, card network fines and even lawsuits – in addition to the potential impacts of identity theft to their customers.  For many merchants, the cost and complexity of meeting PCI security requirements have become onerous.  The WorldPay E2EE Solution benefits the marketplace by encrypting the card number within tamper-resistant hardware at the Point of Sale and then encrypting the data right through to WorldPay's acquiring host.

"McKeever's is a customer-focused organization and we strongly believe in doing as much as we can to protect our customer's data.  WorldPay's E2EE Solution enables us to more fully protect our customer's data," said Alan McKeever, President of McKeever's.  "In addition, because cardholder data will no longer be stored or transmitted within our network, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to reduce our PCI scope and associated costs."

With WorldPay's E2EE solution, cardholder data is encrypted at the earliest possible entry point – upon card swipe or keyed entry into the PIN-device, and within the Tamper Resistant Security Module (TRSM) of McKeever's PIN-entry devices.   The cardholder data remains encrypted until it reaches WorldPay's processing centers, where it is decrypted and authorized.  Leading Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) recognize that end-to-end encryption solutions that encrypt within a security module and decrypt at the card processor's host are the most effective.

Unlike competing software-only encryption solutions, the WorldPay E2EE solution, powered by VeriFone's VeriShield Protect (VSP) technology, stores the encryption keys and encrypts the cardholder data within a TRSM.  The TRSM:

  • Blocks attempts at hardware tampering
  • Prevents access to the encryption keys
  • Ensures that all sensitive cardholder data is encrypted in a secure environment  

A further advantage is that WorldPay's E2EE Solution is easy to install, with little change to a merchant's POS system.   Format-preserving encryption enhances adoption by communicating encrypted data in the same format as a card number, allowing the encrypted data to pass through legacy systems, without their modification, to WorldPay for decryption.

"We are pleased McKeever's partnered with WorldPay on our industry-leading solution to protect their customers and help reduce the cost and complexity of complying with PCI requirements," said Ian Stuttard, WorldPay US President and CEO.  "Demand for the WorldPay E2EE solution is high and we look forward to rollout to grocers and other key client segments nationally."

About WorldPay

WorldPay is a global card payment acquiring business operating in over 30 countries which allows customers to accept card payments both at point of sale and over the internet. The company offers services across the entire payment value chain, including transaction capturing, merchant acquiring and transaction processing.

Clients vary in size from small family run companies to large multi-national corporations, spanning a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. The company is a global leader in acquiring in the airline and gaming sectors, pioneered the implementation of Chip & PIN in the UK, and is the largest off premises ATM processor in the US.

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About McKeever's

McKeever's Enterprises, Inc. manages nine Price Chopper full service grocers in the Kansas City area.  Founded in 1976, the McKeever Family has prided itself on providing great value for the community with Fresher Ways to Save!

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