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Industry Leader Surpasses 500 Hours in Video Guitar Lessons
Dec 31, 2010 (07:12 AM EST)

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio, Dec. 31, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Aware of it or not, the popularity of online guitar lessons is exploding., the frontrunner of the industry, now provides over 500 hours of lessons from 45 professional instructors.

JamPlay members receive unlimited, unrestricted access to this content for just $19.95. Additionally, users are also treated to over 40 new lessons each month. They also have the option to interact with the instructors via webcam for up to 12 hours each day.

Some users report their hesitancy to pay for lessons due to the amount of free lessons available throughout sites such as YouTube. New JamPlay users are quickly overwhelmed by the amount of high-quality, professional lessons. A clear distinction can be made between their progress on JamPlay and free lessons available elsewhere, easily justifying the $19.95.

In-person versus online is a constant debate amongst musicians. Many are firm believers that the quality of in-person lessons will never be matched by the online platform. JamPlay co-founder Chris Dawson disagrees, "In-person lessons have certain perks, but with the increased speed of Internet connections users are able to interact directly with our instructors via webcam for up to 12 hours per day. When you couple this interaction with our 500 hours of lessons for just $19.95, it is easy to see why more and more users are hopping on the JamPlay bandwagon."

In-person lessons offer the benefit of hands-on interaction but not without disadvantages: inconvenience and cost. Aspiring guitarists are required to travel to their instructor and shell out $20 to $40 per half hour. With online delivery, a student can log in and take a lesson anytime. Users also enjoy being able to learn at their own pace without pressure from an instructor. This freedom has made learning fun again - sending customers flocking towards JamPlay.

Another distinction to consider is the vast array of teachers available. JamPlay users are able to take lessons from any of the 45 instructors. The program is designed so that many of the instructors teach similar content. If a user doesn't quite understand the material from one instructor, they can view a similar lesson from another instructor. This multi-prong approach has had tremendous success for JamPlay's students.

Co-founder Kevin Wimer often issues a challenge to guitarists worldwide, "We prefer to let the product speak for itself. Try out JamPlay and see what you think. We are so confident that you will love it that we will happily provide a refund to anyone that is unsatisfied with our service - no questions asked." online guitar lessons are available via monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships. Both acoustic guitar lessons and electric guitar lessons are available. Learn more at


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