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Twenga, Shopatron Partner to Improve Client Brand Sales and Visibility
Nov 30, 2010 (11:11 AM EST)

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Twenga and Shopatron today announced a partnership to bring more potential buyers and sales to Shopatron brand clients.  A pilot program is currently available to UK Shopatron clients at  U.S. retailers will be integrated in 2011.


Twenga, a top 10 Comparison Search Engine (CSE), displays results from a catalog that includes 280 million products and over 130,000 merchants. Because listing products on CSEs has become a successful way of driving traffic and increasing sales, Shopatron is working closely with top-level CSEs like Twenga to boost sales for its 800 brands and 12,000 retailers.

Impressed by Twenga's leading position and exponential growth, Shopatron added it as a key partner in its Shopatron Affiliate Network. With the integration, Shopatron clients will attract more visitors and buyers into its branded stores. In addition, Shopatron will be able to monitor and optimize sales with its Ready to Sell program, Twenga's user-friendly interface and complete reporting suite.

"Twenga is a great platform that is able to drive traffic to our stores both in Europe and North America," said Ed Stevens, Founder and CEO at Shopatron. "This partnership will bring additional qualified buyers to the e-Commerce sites of our great brands that work in both of these markets."

"Shopatron is a world-leading e-Commerce solution provider for branded manufacturers and multichannel retailers," said Bastien Duclaux, Twenga's CEO. "We are very pleased to help them drive our 40 million visitors to their high quality shopping websites."

About Twenga

Twenga,, the new-generation search engine, enables millions of shoppers throughout the world to find what they want, at the best price, from the online shop of their choice.

Thanks to its proprietary technology, Twenga automatically gathers offers from online retailers and displays them in one searchable interface. As a result, Twenga has the most comprehensive listing of online shops. Its search results are objective and not biased by commercial relationships.

Founded in 2006 by Bastien Duclaux and Cedric Anes, Twenga runs 15 sites, including the United States, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia and India, displaying 280 million offerings from more than 130,000 online shops. Twenga's sites receive 40 million visits per month. In 2010, Twenga won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Company of the Future Category.

About Shopatron

Founded in 2001, Shopatron is the only retail-integrated eCommerce solution for branded manufacturers, distributors and multi-channel retailers. Shopatron offers an innovative and flexible approach to eCommerce that matches the unique needs of branded manufacturers and multi-channel retailers.

With Shopatron's solution for branded manufacturers, Coex Freedom, brands sell on their website and send those orders to their retail partners for fulfillment. This solution eliminates channel conflict, builds retailer relationships, grows distribution and increases overall sales for the brand.

Shopatron, headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, works with brands such as Callaway Golf, Suzuki, Polaroid, Mizuno, Ducati and Sport Chalet. For more information and a client list visit

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