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AuraPortal Provides Unique Approach to Evaluating Business Process Management Software
Nov 24, 2010 (06:11 AM EST)

Aura provides real-life test cases to assist in evaluating BPM solutions

WOBURN, Mass., Nov. 24, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- AuraPortal (, a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software, today announced a unique approach to evaluating BPMS software through an offer to build a real-life, executable business process case example that is specific to the company evaluating BPM software. While most BPM companies only seek to demo their software, Aura offers the opportunity to provide a sample of a focused but complex business process that can demonstrate the Aura capabilities using a real-life example from the company evaluating BPM solutions.

Companies are asked to select a focused but complex process, not just an approval circuit: for instance, a process with human and system tasks, exception events, looping flow threads, handling multi-register data with complex automatic treatments for each register and the seamless integration of independent sets of business rules that can be changed any time without touching the process model; also include documents automatically constructed that reshape themselves according to the changing data and situation, with automatic insertion digital signatures. The process might also include the participation of employees, customers, and/or suppliers as process task performers.

"During the process of evaluating software such as BPM, most companies find it hard to relate to a product such as this at first," according to Scott Rich, General Manager, North America for AuraPortal. "However, once we are able to present it in the context of a real-life example, and one they are familiar with, the company can immediately see what the AuraPortal BPMS platform can do, and how deep it can go. Because there is no programming involved, we can build a process model in a matter of hours or days. This also helps to demonstrate the speed with which the AuraPortal BPMS can respond to new business process initiatives."

AuraPortal's BPMS is best known for its innovative features, such as the automatic building of Process Execution Engines directly from a business process modeling diagram without the need of IT programming. As a result, AuraPortal BPMS enables organizations to rapidly build, deploy, and continually enhance business process models faster than traditional, custom coding methods. The people closest to the processes are empowered to easily develop, manage, and control entire business processes without the need of custom programming.

About Aura (AuraPortal)

AURA is a global BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) provider, delivering a solution that creates Business Process Workflow Execution Models without the need of IT programming. AuraPortal BPMS is 100% Web-based, and is complementary to existing ERP and CRM systems. AuraPortal has a presence in 50 countries with more than 350 customers, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Toyota, Yamaha, Petroleos Mexicanos, Carrefour, ArcelorMittal, Eletrobras, Saras, Royal KPN, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Sodexo, etc., as well as many government agencies and departments in several countries.

AURA Headquarters are located in North America (Boston) and Europe (Holland) whereas the software development facilities are in Spain and India.

AuraPortal is a real Business Process Platform where a set of 6 essential applications share the same environment in a seamlessly integrated and user-friendly way, "6 in 1":

1. BPM with SOA and Business Rules

2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

3. SCM (Supply Chain Management)

4. Intranet/Extranet, Workflow Platform

5. Document Management with MS SharePoint

6. Portals for Content and External Interaction

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