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EPM Live Announces the Launch of Outlook Publisher for WorkEngine, A Microsoft Outlook Add In for SharePoint Synchronization
Nov 24, 2010 (06:11 AM EST)

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 24, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- EPM Live, a global leader in Enterprise SharePoint Project and Work Management applications, announced today its launch of Outlook Publisher, a Microsoft Outlook add in that allows seamless synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint.  EPM Live WorkEngine customers can now leverage Microsoft Outlook to extend the collaboration tools available to maximize productivity.  Teams can convert Microsoft Outlook emails into work items directly in Microsoft SharePoint.  Outlook Publisher enables teams to reduce effort and improve communication.  Outlook Publisher includes the following functionality:

  • Full integration with Microsoft Outlook ribbon controls - Outlook Publisher allows you to create list items directly in Outlook.  As a new item is created from the Outlook ribbon controls, a new item in SharePoint is created
  • Email threading and monitoring - Tracking information such as ID, date and time are automatically produced for item identification as items are created in Outlook.  All updates to the defined list item are appended and tracked to account for all collaboration and communication throughout the work item's life cycle
  • Flexible configuration tools- Outlook Publisher comes with easy to use configuration tools to allow for flexible field configuration and list mapping

Outlook Publisher can be used for any work item in SharePoint including but not limited to help desk tickets, work requests, task lists, action items, risks, issues, IT requests, maintenance requests, bug lists, etc.  

EPM Live will continue to provide cutting-edge, cost effective project and work management solutions leveraging the Microsoft technologies organizations already own to increase the value of their current IT investments.  EPM Live's applications support the entire work and project management lifecycle and provide the necessary efficiencies and indicators for companies to improve their ROI, streamline their business processes and make critical business decisions.   EPM Live offers its clients solutions that possess the flexibility and scalability to meet specific industry and methodology needs.  These innovative solutions include capabilities such as Portfolio Management, Project Management, Cost Management, Time Management, Resource Management, Service Management, Agile Management, Business Intelligence and Collaboration.  These capabilities are all designed to work together or separately to meet any business specific need.

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About EPM Live

EPM Live is a global leader in Microsoft SharePoint Project and Work Management Solutions. EPM Live's products and services are cutting-edge, revolutionizing the way organizations manage their work. Outlook Publisher can be consumed online or onsite.

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