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Information Sources Launches '' Searchable Database Site
Nov 22, 2010 (02:11 PM EST)

BERKELEY, Calif., Nov. 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- TecTrends Online, a service of Berkeley-based Information Sources, Inc., is teaming up with the world's largest, and continuously updated collection of market research to offer subscription-based access to an extensive searchable, keyword-rich database of hard copy and web-based articles in business, technical, trade, and consumer publications.

"TecTrends Online provides insight into technology topics and issues for individuals, whether CEOs, product managers, marketers, or end users -- it's an essential tool for understanding current and emerging technologies," says Ruth Koolish, company founder. The Apple iPad, cloud computing and green automotive technology are among the thousands of topics in the database, which is fully sourced and cross-linked.

To sign up for the TecTrends Online database, visit Subscriptions are available on an individual basis or as site licenses.

Why should someone use the TecTrends Online database instead of searching Google?

"We have live humans on staff who identify the name of the companies, products, or services in the indexed article. This type of information is not so easy for the automated online search engines to find," says Koolish. "We're providing a service that cites products and companies, allowing users to follow links from place to place in the database so they can find in minutes what used to take hours."

Not designed to replace the free search engines, the TecTrends Online database is a subscription-based search aid that saves time and makes essential research more effective.

The TecTrends Online database includes more than 30,000 article abstracts, back to 2004, with product names, keywords, and over 15,000 company name citations. Articles are updated weekly. In addition to TecTrends Online coverage of such topics as Android, e-readers, gaming, mobile devices, digital media, social networking, biotechnology, and the emerging technologies that will be hot in tomorrow's marketplace, there are links to countless articles and news releases on PR Newswire.

"The Internet is loaded with an overwhelming amount of what passes for information," says Koolish, "but without TecTrends Online, researchers will end up spending needless hours searching for information that directly relates to their needs."

About Ruth Koolish

Ruth Koolish, the founder and president of Information Sources, can track the development of the information industry through her own professional experience. She began her career with the founding of Hartley Data in Glenview, IL, automating information services for publishers and associations. She then founded Information Sources to research the full range of current and emerging technology development.

About TecTrends

TecTrends Online is a service of Information Sources Inc., a private company based in Berkeley, California. Drawing on years of experience in the collection and organization of information about technology and business, Information Sources also has extensive expertise in meeting the information needs of technology researchers in companies and institutions around the world.

About Market Research is the world's largest and continuously updated collection of market research. As a source for market intelligence, offers more than 250,000 market research reports from over 650 leading global publishers.

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