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iAppTrust's iPhone and Android Apps Extending the Reach of Business, Creating Jobs
Nov 17, 2010 (10:11 AM EST)

LEESBURG Va., Nov. 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The technology business is changing in ways that Ford and Edison would have appreciated, had they the time to conceive and develop it. Titans in this industry have created the environment that has enabled a future of mind workers limited only by their ability to improve productive and communicative ways forward. We believe iAppTrust's genius is adapting best practices to speed reception of actionable information, uniquely predicting trends and presenting results that by design endear the sender and receiver in very relevant, tangible, and empowering ways. Inherent in better results are pure efficiencies and economies of scale that make logical adoption and enhancements more natural steps.

Today's economic climate has put pressure on all of us. The President called for new innovative ways of doing business and iAppTrust is responding creating the ways and means to realize more productive and engaged workers who's work not only enhances and benefits the businesses they are in, though also tremendously improves their lives and that of their families and communities.

To learn more information about iAppTrust visit There you can view the areas of technology currently growing and specific examples where innovation leads to best practices and better more secure positions.

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iAppTrust is a software application development company and industry experts who extend business reach and integrate technology systems to all platforms and devices, such as iPhone and Android Apps and data driven Web Apps, in very innovative ways providing more powerful results. Contact iAppTrust at 703-828-7002 or visit

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