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Unedited news and product information from vendors. Offers Confidential Directory for Anyone Wishing to be Remembered in Strangers' Wills and Estate Plans
Nov 11, 2010 (12:11 PM EST)

Website Allows Individuals and Organizations to Express Their Interest in Being a Beneficiary.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- was recently launched as a discreet and confidential way to anonymously list individuals or organizations interested in becoming a beneficiary to other people's wills and estate plans. The website address is The site is also targeted to those individuals who may have an estate to leave behind. In many cases, benefactors have no living or in-need friends or relatives or particular charitable causes that interest them. operates on the principle that people are unlikely to be part of someone else's will or estate plan unless they take the opportunity to inform potential benefactors know they are interested and let them know how they can be reached.

The recently announced $262,900 Honus Wagner baseball card left to nuns is one of the many unexpected bequests in the news in recent years.  Yet smaller unexpected bequests happen regularly. lists many other documented examples in the "Unexpected Bequests" section on its website.

Those individuals and organizations who are interested in being listed simply complete an anonymous "Bequest Request." In the "Bequest Request," a description of up to 150 can be given as to why someone or some organization is interested in being a beneficiary. The request is sent to, and those posting the information receive an exclusive email address. If a potential beneficiary is interested in helping someone, they or their attorney or estate planner may contact them there. does not publish any real names or addresses, and it never has any contact with potential beneficiaries. Those potential beneficiaries directly source the directory through the Internet.

Full instructions are given at "How to Submit a Bequest Request" at on the website. The fee for being listed is $20 per year for individuals and $30 per year for organizations. The fee includes the listing of up to 150 words and exclusive use of a private email account. makes no guarantees regarding any inclusion in wills or estate planning. It exists and functions only as a portal to list safe and anonymous information on those who submit a Bequest Request and are amenable to being mentioned as a beneficiary.