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Javelin and Me!Box Media Announce Partnership to Provide Clients Unparalleled Online Video Engagement
Nov 10, 2010 (12:11 PM EST)

DALLAS, Nov. 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Javelin Marketing Group, a full-service CRM agency that bridges the gap between brand promise and the full customer experience, has entered into a partnership with Me!Box Media to redefine what online video can do.

Through this arrangement, Javelin can now offer clients a way to integrate video content that enables their customers to access rich and relevant Web content without ever leaving the video itself.

"The unique Me!Box platform allows consumers to satisfy their curiosity beyond the video without needing to exit a player and, at the same time, allows brands to deepen their engagement with consumers by providing access to relevant content in a non-intrusive, intuitive interface," explained George Neill, Senior Vice President of Me!Box.

The user interface, positioned next to the video, encourages involvement using click-through, call-to-action, scene bookmarking and countless other triggers to generate viewer participation.

"This effort will enable our clients to continuously improve how they inform and sell to their audience in a more relevant and personal way," said Pamela Larrick, CEO of Javelin Marketing Group. "Measuring the effectiveness of the message and tying both back to ROI lies at the core of our business."

Me!Box works with all websites by leveraging a highly scalable infrastructure, allowing a Me!Box video to be embedded into any website quickly and easily. Clients are able to deliver experience-enhancing contextual information anywhere in a video without altering it, which makes the entire marketing effort more personal and profitable.

"This is the first step in honing the effectiveness of video's ability to inspire curiosity, trigger an aspiration to learn more and fulfill a call to action almost simultaneously. With the Javelin/Me!Box tool set, we are moving the market from data accumulation straight into an ROI-based spend," said Larrick.

"Over time, this technology will be leveraged across multiple platforms and we're wasting no time by starting with our global clients," Larrick added.  "We are not just moving the needle. We are reinventing the dashboard."

About Javelin Marketing Group

Javelin Marketing Group ( is a full service CRM agency that bridges the gap between brand promise and the full customer experience. By balancing the art of analytics with the science of insights, Javelin works with its clients to make marketing personal, profitable, and provable. Using perceptive consumer insights, award-winning creative and precise analytics, they empower clients to establish and strengthen customer relationships through direct marketing, interactive and DRTV efforts. An Omnicom Group agency (, Javelin has offices in Dallas, New York and Atlanta.

About Me!Box Media

Online video consumption is expanding exponentially and Me!Box gives content providers the tools needed to leverage this growing phenomenon. Their patent-pending, metadata-enabled (ME!) technology creates a platform where consumers can explore topic-related information and brand-related messages directly from an online video. Me!Box Media provides clients the ability to instantly satisfy customer interest and excitement, track and analyze viewing behavior and monetize video engagements. Easy to deploy, repurposing existing video content libraries can also be performed quickly. They are based in Chicago, IL.


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George Neill, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing

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