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IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' ISO 18000-7 Product Line Completes Industry's First Demonstration of Passive and Active RFID Interoperability, Scores High Marks With U.S. Department of Defense
Oct 13, 2010 (12:10 PM EDT)

DALLAS, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, the leading OEM provider of ISO 18000-7 compliant RFID products to the U.S. Department of Defense, through the RFID III contract, recently participated in its first of three practical demonstrations of active and passive RFID interoperability.

On August 26th, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, along with technology partner GlobeRanger and key U.S. Department of Defense personnel, conducted a practical demonstration to prove the simplicity of integrating ISO 18000-7 compliant RFID technology into the existing passive RFID-based edgeware currently deployed by the U.S. Department of Defense.

"As a proponent for interoperability and a founding member of the DASH7 Alliance, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS was pleased to partner with GlobeRanger for this practical demonstration of active and passive RFID interoperability," states Gerhard Schedler, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, President and CEO.  "This demonstration now marks the availability of mission critical capacity required by the U.S. Department of Defense and highlights the flexibility of the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' ISO 18000-7 product line."

The demonstration further confirmed the validity of passive and active integration into the current Department of Defense's system.  Valuable information including shipment arrival notification and secondary data validation can now be immediately available to the DoD with the integration of both passive and active RFID.  The technology's interoperability can also provide the platform for process automation for both the shipping and receiving of aggregated cargo and can be accomplished without redundant middleware solutions.

"GlobeRanger now supports ISO 18000-7 technology for the DoD, effectively making it the only integrated, seamless platform on the market to support all DoD AIT initiatives, ISO 18000-7 Active RFID, EPCglobal Gen2 Passive and IUID (Item Unique Identification) standards," said Michael Bigbee, Senior Vice-President of Sales at GlobeRanger.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' ISO 18000-7 product line is the latest addition to IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' award-winning technology portfolio.  Although well suited to defense related applications, the versatility and features of the ISO 18000-7 product suite are ideal for any organization requiring cross-border asset tracking and wireless sensing capabilities.  The interoperability of the ISO 18000-7 platform is a first for the active RFID and sensor network based industry and is set to have a significant market impact by accelerating the overall adoption.


IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is the leading OEM provider of ISO 18000-7 compliant RFID products to the U.S. Department of Defense, through the RFID III contract.  A founding member of the DASH7 Alliance, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has long been an advocate for interoperability and an active supporter of an industry standard.  

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' technology and systems are helping to transform the way business tracks assets, manages industrial processes and safeguards lives. Currently deployed on every continent throughout the globe in the marine & intermodal and energy & construction industries, as well as sought out by system integrators and governments; IDENTEC SOLUTIONS technology is helping to optimize productivity in some of the continent's most challenging situations. Robust, flexible and powerful IDENTEC SOLUTIONS technology delivers when others cannot. Privately held since 1999, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has offices located in Dallas, Texas, Austria, Germany, Australia and Norway.  For more information, please visit

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