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Reportlinker Adds Electric Vehicle Information Technology Systems
Oct 05, 2010 (01:10 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Electric Vehicle Information Technology Systems

Vehicle, Smart Grid, and Utility IT Systems for Data Analytics, Smart Charging Management, and Customer Information Management

Electric Vehicle Information Technology Systems The second comeback of the electric vehicle (EV) in little more than a decade has a much greater likelihood of success and will have a transformative effect on driving habits as well as the automotive and electric power industries. Automakers are planning to produce hundreds of thousands of vehicles per year that plug in starting in 2012. By 2015, Pike Research forecasts that more than 1 million plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and EVs will be sold annually around the world, and during that year, more than 3 million EVs sold to date will be plugging in to recharge their batteries.

The majority of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) will be networked and managed via information technology (IT) and communications systems that aggregate power demand and enable a coordinated response to changing grid conditions. IT systems are necessary since, while during the early part of the decade, EVs will not immediately impact utilities' ability to keep up with aggregated demand, the impact on distribution assets that deliver power to customers could be immediate in some areas. A variety of companies will be active in the EV IT sector including automakers, EVSE vendors, smart grid integration providers, energy services companies, systems integrators, and utilities themselves.

This Pike Research report analyzes the IT requirements and market opportunities associated with managing EV charging and the interaction with grid resources. The report provides a comprehensive examination of the information and communications systems for EV enablement within the utility grid infrastructure. It includes forecasts through 2015 for investment in EV information and communication technology in world regions, along with profiles of key industry players.

Key questions addressed:

* How will vehicle charging information be collected and how will it be shared?

* What roles are EVSE manufacturers, smart grid companies, and energy aggregation companies likely to play in EV management?

* What communications technologies are likely to lead in EV information management?

* How much will be invested in IT systems for managing vehicle charging?

* Why is it necessary for utilities to manage EV charging, and how will they control the added demand on the grid?

Who needs this report?

* Electric vehicle service equipment manufacturers

* Automotive OEMs

* Utilities

* Energy services companies

* Smart grid technology vendors

* Government agencies

* Investor community

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Introduction

2. Market Issues

2.1 EV Charging Market Overview

2.1.1 Impact on Peak Demand

2.1.2 The State of EV IT The EV Project ChargePoint America

2.2 EV IT Ecosystem Participants

2.3 IT Systems Impacted

2.3.1 EVSE Charging Systems Chargers Smart Charging Remote EVSE Administration Communication/Networking

2.3.2 Advanced Metering Infrastructure/Smart Meters

2.3.3 Home Area Networks

2.3.4 Home Energy Management Systems

2.3.5 Utility Systems Distribution Automation Systems Demand Response Systems

2.3.6 Vehicle Information Systems

2.3.7 Mobile Phones

2.4 Market Drivers

2.4.1 Preventing Increase in Peak Demand

2.4.2 Reduced Emissions

2.4.3 Benefits to Participant Groups Utilities Automakers Charging Equipment Operators EV Owners/Operators Energy Services Companies

2.4.4 EV Sales

2.4.5 Smart Grid

2.4.6 Increased Use of Renewables

2.4.7 Low Carbon Fuel Standards

2.5 Barriers

2.5.1 Lack of Standards

2.5.2 Intersection of Multiple Markets

2.5.3 Utilities' Cautious Philosophy

2.5.4 Utility Legacy Systems

2.5.5 Uncertain Financial Benefits

3. Marketability and Commercialization

3.1 Service Provider Roles

3.1.1 EVSE Services Partners Ancillary Services Demand Response V2G Services New Services for Utilities

3.1.2 Smart Grid/Utility Service Providers Partners

3.1.3 Grid Infrastructure/Utility Integrators Partners

3.1.4 Energy Aggregators Partners

3.2 Revenue and Cost

3.2.1 Transaction Costs

3.3 Implementation Issues

3.3.1 Connecting with Utility Systems

3.3.2 Smart Grid Upgrades

3.3.3 Integrated Customer Billing

3.3.4 Data Aggregation

3.3.5 Data Center Operations

3.3.6 Algorithms

3.3.7 Security

3.3.8 Overlap in Service Offering

3.4 Workplace Systems

3.5 Fleet Management

4. Technology Issues

4.1 Communications Pathways

4.1.1 Cellular Networks

4.1.2 Advanced Metering Infrastructure

4.1.3 AMI versus Cellular Role of Smart Meters

4.2 Standards

4.2.1 Equipment Connection Standard

4.2.2 Rapid Charging Connector

4.2.3 Energy Transfer Standard J2847

4.2.4 Messaging Standard J2836

4.2.5 EV to Utility J2293

4.2.6 IEEE P2030.1

4.2.7 IEEE P1547.8

4.2.8 IEC Standards

4.2.9 ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0

4.2.10 NIST Standards

4.2.11 V2G Services

5. Key Industry Players

5.1 EV IT Service Providers

5.1.1 ABB Group

5.1.2 Better Place

5.1.3 Burt Automotive

5.1.4 ClipperCreek

5.1.5 Coulomb Technologies

5.1.6 Eaton Corporation

5.1.7 ECOtality

5.1.8 eMeter

5.1.9 Ford Motor Company

5.1.10 GE Energy

5.1.11 Grid2Home

5.1.12 GridPoint

5.1.13 IBM

5.1.14 Itochu Corporation

5.1.15 Microsoft

5.1.16 Nissan

5.1.17 Optimization Technologies

5.1.18 Shorepower Technologies

5.1.19 Siemens Energy

5.1.20 Silver Spring Networks

5.1.21 SmartSynch

5.1.22 Tendril Networks

5.2 Utilities

5.2.1 Austin Energy

5.2.2 BC Hydro

5.2.3 Dong Energy

5.2.4 Duke Energy

5.2.5 Florida Power & Light

5.2.6 NRG Energy

5.2.7 Pacific Gas & Electric

5.2.8 Portland General Electric

5.2.9 RWE AG

5.2.10 San Diego Gas & Electric

5.2.11 Xcel Energy

6. Market Forecasts

6.1 Market Segmentation

6.1.1 Customer Information Management

6.1.2 Smart Charging Management

6.1.3 Data Analytics

6.2 World Markets

6.2.1 North America

6.2.2 Europe Denmark

6.2.3 Asia-Pacific

6.2.4 Africa/Middle East

7. Company Directory

Electric Vehicle & Smart Grid Services Companies

Utilities Participating in EV Charging

8. Acronym and Abbreviation List

9. Table of Contents

10. Table of Charts and Figures

11. Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, Notes

List of Charts and Figures

* Cumulative PHEV/EV Sales, World Markets: 2010-2015

* Installed EV Charging Equipment, World Markets: 2010-2015

* EV IT Investment by Region, World Markets: 2010-2015

* EV IT Investment by Segment, United States: 2010-2015

* EV Management Systems Cyber Security Revenue, United States: 2010-2015

* EV IT Investment by Segment, World Markets: 2015

* EV IT Investment by Region, World Markets: 2010-2015

* EV IT Investment Share by Region, World Markets: 2015

* EV IT Investment by Application, United States: 2010-2015

* EV IT Investment, Western Europe: 2010-2015

* Hourly Impact of Unmanaged EV Charging

* EV Charging Data Sharing

* ECOtality Blink Networked Charging Station

* EVSE Network Administration

* EV Charging Scenario without Intelligence or Incentives to Control Behaviors

* GridPoint's EV Charging Data Logging Application

* Communications Pathway Systems

* Advanced Metering Infrastructure

* EV Connection Standards

* SAE J1772 Connector

List of Tables

* EV Project Equipment

* EV IT System Participants

* IT Players' Roles in Integrating EV Data

* SAE Standards in Development

* Total Electrified Vehicle Sales by Region, World Markets: 2010-2015

* Total EV Charging Station Unit Sales by Region, World Markets: 2010-2015

* EV IT Management Systems Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2010-2015

* EV IT Management System Revenue by Segment, United States: 2010-2015

* EV IT Management Systems by Segment, World Markets: 2010-2015

* EV Customer Information Management Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2010-2015

* EV Smart Charging Management Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2010-2015

* EV Data Analytics Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2010-2015

* Total Smart Grid Revenue by Segment, World Markets: 2010-2015

* EV Management Cyber Security Revenue by Region, World Market: 2010-2015

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