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GX Technology Shares Results From New Tiered NAS Architecture in SNW Presentation
Oct 05, 2010 (12:10 PM EDT)

Performance Improvements achieved from Avere FXT solutions unveiled

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Avere Systems, the company setting new performance benchmarks with its Demand-Driven Storage™ solutions, today announced that company co-founder and CEO Ron Bianchini will be speaking at SNW Fall 2010 together with Kevin Englet, Storage Architect at GX Technology (GXT), as part of the Solid State Storage Solution Spotlight October 13th at 11:40 a.m. at the Gaylord Texan Hotel in Dallas, Texas.  Additionally, Avere will be on hand to discuss its FXT Series of tiered NAS appliances in Booth 411 throughout the conference October 11-14.



Attendees at the Solid State Storage Solution Spotlight can expect to learn about new solid state storage strategies and solutions.  Bianchini and Englet will address how dynamically tiered storage solutions can improve application response times and shorten project completion cycles from a real-world perspective.  Recently, GXT, a leading provider of advanced seismic solutions to oil and gas companies worldwide, more than doubled its application throughput after implementing the SSD-based Avere FXT 2700 solution by separating data delivery from data management to more efficiently optimize performance of storage systems.

"We've built our demand-driven storage solutions in response to real-world business demand and are excited to be able to share a real-world example of how we drive performance while lowering costs through our success with GX Technology," said Bianchini.  "Attendees at SNW are going to hear first hand how intelligently moving active data between traditional storage devices and tiered storage appliances can better enable application performance while offering a new level of simplicity and cost reduction for the data center.  For anyone looking to better satisfy their company's growing data demand while reducing the cost of NAS environments, our presentation is sure to be a not-to-be-missed session."

The Avere FXT Series contains both solid state storage and traditional hard drives to optimize performance without compromises on all types of workloads. Reads, writes, and metadata are allocated to storage media via Avere's unique approach to dynamic tiering. Allocation algorithms running on the FXT appliances monitor access frequency patterns and workload type and manage data placement on multiple internal tiers.  This increases performance, distributes the workload in the cluster and minimizes requests to the mass storage server. Movement of data occurs in real-time – not in hours or days – and occurs at the file or block level. All of this is done automatically by the system – there are no complex policies to configure or update.

SNW is the world's largest conference focused on managing information infrastructure. Offering more than 120 educational sessions and presentations by top IT management experts, SNW provides attendees with an opportunity to gain reliable, firsthand practical knowledge from leading product and service providers and key industry influencers.  More information about the event is available online at

About Avere Systems

Avere provides Demand-Driven Storage solutions that dynamically organize data in response to business demand. The Avere FXT Series enables faster application performance at dramatically lower cost by intelligently moving active data between traditional storage devices and FXT appliances. In benchmark SPECsfs2008 testing the FXT Series was shown to provide the highest performance and most efficient scaling with lowest cost vs. other disk-based solutions. Installed at leading entertainment, life science and energy companies, to name a few, the FXT Series, which can be clustered for maximum scalability, tiers data on SSD and HDD media and enables a 5:1 reduction in disks, power, and rack space. Learn more at, and you can follow the company on


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