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BANDIT Wonders If adidas Is The New Emperor's New Clothes?
Sep 24, 2010 (12:09 PM EDT)

Bashing the Dassler? I guess we have to!

COPENHAGEN, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- If there is one brand/organization that we have consistently been critical of... it's the folks at the perennial No. 2; adidas.

Let us explain that we come from a position of love. If you know your stuff – you know that they have more history, more innovation and they were Michael Jordan's favorite shoe before he signed with Nike (oh you didn't know?).

But whilst they chase down the No. 1 spot, they seem to make missteps at every opportunity – in fact the only thing that has worked is the Originals line, because it makes everyone remember how they used to be.

But let's be real, most of the other stuff they do is so bad, that it's making Nike look good!

Case in point the way they promote the new jersey they made for the NBA. We will give you a hint. For consumers, out of three selling points, 2 are bull**** and 1 is absolutely valid. But does adidas know that???

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