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Freshmen gambling on choice of classes
Sep 16, 2010 (02:09 PM EDT)

In their critical first year, many freshmen have to rely on luck to get the courses they want. However some institutions turn luck into a sure bet.

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BLAINVILLE, QC, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ - For most freshmen the drawn-out drama of starting college can be an overwhelming experience. Freshmen have many choices to make before settling in: visit the campus, travel time from home, housing plans, roommates, books, computers, budget and more(1). Then comes the time to pick their preferred mix of courses and hope they'll be able to get a class schedule with no conflicts.

This gambling will keep many freshmen in scheduling limbo, possibly even once the session starts. Will they get lucky and win access to all the courses they want or will they have to keep playing until they settle for whatever is available?

Turning luck into a sure bet!

When Fordham University embarked on a renewal of their Student Information System it created an opportunity to revisit ways to improve their entire administrative processes. With the goal to continually augment student services while increasing operational efficiencies to reduce costs, Fordham added Infosilem EnCampus(TM) - Sectioner to their mix of software solutions to automate their freshmen scheduling process. With Sectioner freshmen registration is now easy, efficient, more accurate and user friendly.

Fordham meets their student needs and minimal manual intervention is necessary to process exceptions making the procedure of creating freshmen schedules much more efficient. Sectioner provides more accurate data to align our course and section offerings to real student needs.

"To innovate, we have to continue to develop software that is student-oriented while meeting the needs of institutions." said Philippe Melis, Vice-President at Infosilem. "Institutions like Fordham, Clarkson University, and Rutgers University amongst others use our software to help their freshmen enjoy a successful early academic experience. That early success is key to on-time graduation." added Philippe.


INFOSILEM, scheduling and enterprise software company, is a dynamic organization that provides scheduling solutions to the higher education sector. Infosilem solutions enable institutions to efficiently manage, optimize, execute and broadcast their campus-wide scheduling operations.

The accumulated experience of more than 20 years in scheduling, with an unmatched customer loyalty rate of 98%, provides Infosilem with an unparallel understanding of scheduling - and optimization - of courses, exams, students, events and the entire campus enterprise.

For more information on Infosilem Scheduling Software Solutions and Strategic Services, please visit

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