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Allvoices Demonstrates the Success of Its New Media News Model
Sep 16, 2010 (11:09 AM EDT)

7.5 million Unique visitors in August viewed nearly 32 million pages; fastest growing new media news site in the world

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ --, the largest citizen media news site, today announced record growth in August, with 7.5 million unique visitors and more than 31 million page views.  News consumers are drawn by the work of more than 410,000 registered citizen reporters from around the globe who generate news, opinion and feature stories, helping make Allvoices a top 1000 web destination, according to Quantcast.



As a result, Allvoices' content is broader and features something for everyone.  Reports from hyper-local to global locales include everything from politics, sports, entertainment, business, science and technology, world conflict, health, humor and more.

The success of Allvoices' new model for news is attributable to the industry's only "Automated Newsroom," a system which collects incoming reports from users and news feeds and presents the content in a multimedia format, like an automatic Wikipedia model around the contribution.  Each story is then optimized for search engines and social distribution over networks like Twitter and Facebook, creating the highest average page views per post, per contributor in the new media news space.

Allvoices contributors enjoy more page views per post than any other social news site.    They fall into three distinct categories: Stringers, Reporters and Anchors.  Stringers are new to the site and are just beginning to prove themselves and build a following.  Reporters have a sizeable and growing "fan" base, and are proving their reporting skills and credibility.  Anchors are experienced contributors, having achieved the highest credibility ratings, become trusted sources and grown large communities around their work.  Some Anchors on Allvoices earned more than $2000 in August alone.    

Last month, Stringers contributed an average of 9.3 stories and enjoyed 221 page views per post.  Reporters averaged 15.7 reports in August and saw their work viewed 432.8 times per post.  Allvoices Anchors are the busiest citizen reporters in the industry.  Each contributed an average of 47.13 posts in August, with an average of 860 page views.        

"Allvoices has proven that its Automated Newsroom performance-based news model not only works, but is thriving.  Our month-over-month growth is phenomenal, as shown by the numbers we're reporting today," said Amra Tareen, founder and CEO, Allvoices. "We've demonstrated massive scale and engagement while maintaining very low costs, and we've been able to do this with $7.5M in venture investment raised during the turbulent economic environment, and at a time in the industry when the word 'news' is considered a bad category for investment.  Allvoices is now raising an additional five million dollars to help it scale, build a brand and focus on monetization."

About Allvoices, Inc. is the largest global community offering local to global news and perspectives in one place. With its proprietary technology, Allvoices provides a 360 degree view of news by enabling citizen reporting from its community and international news bureaus that is automatically surrounded by additional sources of content including mainstream news feeds and blogs, social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), images and videos which provides context, insight and diversity of opinions around a broad range topics and issues on the global, national and local levels. Allvoices utilizes professional online news stories and media to determine relevancy and credibility with each contribution made to the site. Its highly automated system blends the latest advances in natural language processing and machine learning with a vibrant, diverse and engaged community so anyone can easily publish relevant, trustworthy news for a global audience. The resulting connection and dialogue between contributors and readers makes Allvoices the destination for breaking news, hyper local topics and popular global interest stories (

SOURCE Allvoices, Inc.