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Sipera Systems Secures Unified Communications for Financial Institutions, Ensures Privacy and Security Compliance
Sep 15, 2010 (12:09 PM EDT)

Sipera Safeguards VoIP, SIP Trunks, Video, Instant Messaging and Smartphone Unified Communications

RICHARDSON, Texas, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Sipera Systems, the leader in real-time Unified Communications (UC) enablement and security, today announced adoption of its comprehensive UC security solutions by leading financial services firms worldwide.  

Sipera has shipped its award-winning UC-Sec appliance to secure the communications of up to 170,000 VoIP phones, video devices, and smartphones at banks, investment institutions, brokerages and other finance firms.  These include some of the world's largest and most prominent financial services companies.

Sipera's solutions proactively address security risks associated with UC applications such as VoIP, instant messaging, IP video and collaboration tools, enabling financial services firms to safely migrate to UC without violating privacy or recording laws. These institutions are required to comply with communications privacy and record retention regulations around the world, and they rely on Sipera's UC-Sec security appliance to satisfy compliance by safeguarding business-critical communications, internally and externally, and enabling UC traffic to be archived, logged and monitored simply and easily.

With Sipera's solutions, these firms are adopting enterprise-wide encrypted UC, SIP trunks, teleworker programs, IM archiving and monitoring, secure remote offices, and compliant smartphone UC.  Sipera's groundbreaking "Borderless UC" architecture enables all communications to be encrypted and compliant on any device in any location inside or outside the enterprise.

"Communications privacy and compliance with financial regulatory provisions are essential aspects of financial services. While Unified Communications provides employees with more flexible and interactive collaborative capabilities, this technology paradigm introduces new interpretations to the communications rules stated by FINRA, SEC, and other financial industry organizations. In addition, voice, video, and data security challenges must be addressed so that these highly regulated firms can increase productivity while protecting these vital communications," said Hyoun Park, Research Analyst, Telecom and Unified Communications, for industry research firm Aberdeen Group. "Sipera directly addresses these fundamental security requirements for next-generation communications deployments in financial institutions."

Having adopted VoIP, IM, IP videoconferencing and other UC applications, many financial institutions are also extending these applications to the smartphones of mobile and remote workers, and their customers.  Securing these applications and smartphones, without delaying or otherwise interrupting communications, requires comprehensive security systems that operate in real-time.  With Sipera's Secure Live Communications (SLiC) solution, financial services IT operations can implement targeted security and recording for VoIP and UC on smartphones while cutting roaming charges, with no impact on communications performance.

"The finance world has a long track record of deploying the latest communications innovations, to improve communications reach and responsiveness to changing market conditions.  This is a source of competitive advantage as financial services firms obtain and act on information faster and more efficiently," said Adam Boone, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Sipera.  "Our customers are taking advantage of Unified Communications to maximize flexibility of their interactions with employees, clients and partners.  We ensure they can do this with lower risk, compliant, and easily deployed UC security."

About Sipera

Sipera Systems is the worldwide market leader in solutions for the rapid and simple adoption of Unified Communications (UC).  Thousands of users around the globe rely on Sipera to secure VoIP, IP video, collaboration, messaging and dozens of other high-performance applications.  Sipera's groundbreaking "Borderless UC" enables secure communications to any device in any location.

Backed by the extensive vulnerability research of the Sipera VIPER Lab, Sipera's solutions for VoIP security and UC security enable enterprises to deploy remote teleworkers, distributed call centers, business continuity, pandemic planning, secure SIP trunks, toll fraud prevention, media logging and archiving, and many other communications innovations.  For more information, visit

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