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Develop a Single App Using One Code Base - Run Natively on All Platforms Thanks to Tech Breakthrough From Particle
Sep 14, 2010 (05:09 PM EDT)

New Technology Debuts at DEMO That Could Reshape App Landscape Dramatically, Instantly Multiplying Content Available In App Stores

PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Particle, a breakthrough development in creating applications for the mobile and connected device space, today launched a new technology platform that promises to reshape the app landscape by allowing developers to automatically create native apps for any platform.

Today, the app marketplace is heavily fragmented between competing operating systems. Developers usually must pick a single format for a new application because the expense and technical challenges of developing for all app stores at one time. The result is that millions of consumers are shut off from getting access to apps that are wildly popular on one format.

"What we're bringing to the marketplace today levels the playing field around the world," said Guy Ben-Artzi, co-founder and CEO of Particle. "Developers can code in popular programming languages they're already familiar with, focusing on content creation instead of the tedious porting cycle and still deliver native apps tailored to the most popular app stores."

Particle also holds the promise of bringing hordes of new developers into the app creation fold by breathing new life into languishing programming languages that teams of developers are schooled in. For example, the Java language is used to create apps for older feature phones by more than 400,000 engineers worldwide. But today that language can't be used to develop apps for increasingly popular smartphone platforms like the iPhone.  With Particle, Java apps can quickly become iOS or Android apps and be deployed in those stores to reach millions of consumers.

And as new smartphones, tablets and connected TV platforms enter the marketplace anywhere in the world, device manufacturers and OS owners can simply plug these new formats into Particle, enabling existing apps to be converted to these new platforms in near real-time.

"Delivering high-quality software to different platforms has required many of Tapjoy's engineering resources in the past. We're excited about the Particle SDK, as it's potentially a much more efficient way to move our services across the growing number of mobile operating systems and app stores out there," said Lee Linden, CEO of Tapjoy, a mobile advertising company recently acquired by Offerpal Media.

The Particle platform has groundbreaking possibilities for the entire mobile ecosystem. Developers can create a single application and deploy it in all leading app stores. Mobile consumers will be able access to hundreds of apps that they would not have previously. And operators and device owners stand to gain by having more content in their stores.

About Particle

Particle is the groundbreaking new cross-platform SDK that automates the porting process, enabling developers to create native apps from a single code base using modern object-oriented programming languages. Particle's technology was created by the founders of Mytopia, the first cross-platform game developer in the smartphone space, acquired by 888 in March 2010.

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