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Collectors Discover the Art of Sharing
Sep 08, 2010 (03:09 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The world's first social networking site for art collectors has been unveiled.

The Open Art Collection ( is aimed at people who want to share their passion for fine art, post their finds and pursue fresh talent.

The site, which is the brainchild of art lovers David Dehaeck and his wife Nathalie Haveman, features a plethora of information on the history of art, including individual artists, genres and movements, as well as links that lead you through a virtual treasure trove of fascinating facts. Their partnership with entrepreneurs Rudy Arnoudt, Walter De Brouwer and Serge Kubla in the management team and Jan Hoet in the Advisory Board completed the OAC team, which combines fine art, technological and financial expertise.

"The pleasure of sharing works of art that would otherwise stay behind closed doors to be seen only by a handful of people is immense," David Dehaeck said. "You can post your favorite works of art on the site and share them with collectors all over the world. It is a Facebook-style experience for art collectors."

David Dehaeck, whose background as owner and publisher of Mayer International Auction Records has given him a deep insight into the art world, explained: "The Open Art Collection is for like-minded people to get together online and talk art, but I also want it to be an interesting journey. So there are some surprises, including cloud computing tags which reveal references to geographical and historical facts about paintings and artists. That way you get to see some of the context behind each work and the reasons for its creation."

There are also links that highlight artworks in a user's network that the user might enjoy, helping them to discover artists they never knew existed. "These offer the thrill of the hunt by connecting one work of art to another," David Dehaeck said, "all leading to new places and stimulating visual experiences."

Users can sign up free for a basic account, which allows them to leave comments and start group discussions. Basic Plus accounts ($7.95 a month or $69 a year prepaid) and Premium accounts ($29.95 a month or $239 a year prepaid) offer users a host of additional privileges, including managing collections and accessing auction information.

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